May 09, 2011

Some new MAC e/s - Sable, Saddle and Swiss Chocolate

I love my taupe eyeshadows, but lately I started craving warm brown colours and I realised I didn't really own any. Ok fine, I do own the Naked palette which is pretty much all about warm browns, but I needed a reason to head to MAC and this is what I came home with.

L/R: Sable; Saddle; Swiss Chocolate
MAC Sable
It's a warmer, browner version of Satin Taupe. For comparison see end of this post. I absolutely adore this colour, it looks great worn on its own over the entire lid, or used in the crease with a lighter e/s on the lid. Needless to say it's incredibly pigmented. (click on pics to enlarge)

MAC Saddle
I'd never heard of this colour or seen it on any blogs, but when I swatched it in the store I loved its soft pigmentation. And I thought it would work great for a natural daytime smokey eye. And it does. Most matte e/s I've tried are difficult to blend, but this blends beautifully. It's a great neutral colour that's easy to wear.

MAC Swiss Chocolate
This is a red toned, kind of plummy brown that looks great with brown eyes. This too is a matte formula, and again it blends absolutely beautifully. I'm not much of a chocaholic, but seeing this shade I start craving chocolates, Swiss chocolates that is! I've worn this colour almost every day since I bought it, and it looks great in the crease or over the entire lid for a warm smokey look.

I've swatched them on bare skin with no primer underneath. The pigmentation of all three is excellent, and in my opinion does not require primers to bring the colour out.

Just to make myself feel better that I hadn't bought any dupes, I thought I'd  compare them to colours that are similar to the ones I bought.

Urban Decay Toasted vs MAC Sable - ok they're almost identical in colour and texture. Dupe alert... but I love this colour so I don't mind having two of them.

MAC Satin Taupe vs MAC Sable - Satin Taupe is clearly cooler version of this, so no dupes here. 

Urban Decay Buck vs MAC Saddle - Saddle is definitely much warmer than Buck, despite them looking very similar in the pan. 

Next step is depotting these little beauties, and possibly reorganising my palettes again.

Do you have any of these colours? How do you feel about brown eyeshadows? Classic or blah?


  1. Lovely new colours you have there!! I am really into my warm browns too atm, strange because I have always gravitated towards cooler toned colours....maybe it's because of my new naked palette!! hehe

  2. Hi Hanna, def strange because in the cooler weather we should naturally be gravitating more towards cooler colours. Yep, blame your NP, how good is it huh!

  3. This post made me realize how important swatches are when deciding what shades to get! I've seen Sable before and always thought of it as a shade that I had no interest in... but now seeing that it's almost indentical to UD Toasted, which I have and LOVE, I had to rethink that! Great post!

  4. whoops! i've just ordered sable this morning from mac and now i figured out that it's pretty similar to UD Toasted. hmm... it's all good.. the more the merrier :P

    thanks for doing this post!

    and you make me realize i have so many similar eyeshadow colors with giving pretty similar outcome. *le sigh*

    i need to do Project 20 Pan!!!!

  5. @SmolderPhloof - good luck if you decide to do a Proeject Pan, I know I'll fail miserably so I'm not even going to try, LOL.



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