May 05, 2011

May FOTD Challenge - Geisha

If you haven't already heard, the gorgeous Sara-May from Makeup By Sara-May is running a FOTD challenge for the month of May. Basically every weekday for the month in May she will be posting a different themed FOTD. Some of the themes include Geisha, Cleopatra, and Rock Chic. I highly encourage you to check out her challenge post to see what the full themes are, and her previous posts for Ice Queen, Rock Chic, and Bridal with a pop of colour.

I don't know what came over me when I was reading her challenge, but I decided to join in whenever I can. Crazy, I know! There are other players in this challenge as well, details at the end of the post.

So the FOTD that I joined in on for this week is Geisha.

I'm not a makeup artist, and I've never done themed looks so this is what I came up with for Geisha, (and yes, the husband did roll on the floor with laughter!)

I've edited the next pic and the last one to give it a more old Asian movie feel. And of course I've used flash in all pics to make sure my skin appeared as white a geisha's.

The products I used were:
Clockwise from above - BYS lipstick in Fuchsia Surprise, White Powder from Crush Cosmetics, L'Oreal Blush in Raspberry Sorbet, Australis Black Eyeliner.

  • Revlon Colourstay in Nude 200 (this is the lightest foundation I own).
  • Crush Cosmetics contour palette white powder - I've actually depotted this powder in a spare blush pan that I had. I've sometimes used a tiny bit of this product in the Tzone area to give a brightness to my face... I've never applied it so heavily as in these pics!
  • L'Oreal blush in Raspberry Sorbet applied HEAVILY
  • BYS Lipstick (that's right lipstick), in Fuchsia Surprise
  • L'Oreal blush in Raspberry Sorbet blended on top of the lipstick
  • Australis eyeliner pencil in Black
  • Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

  • I completely powdered down my natural lips and drew inside it with BYS Lipstick in Fuchsia Surprise.

Some other looks that I'll take part in are Pin-up, Makeup From Another Era, Cleopatra and who knows maybe a few others. I hope you enjoyed! Sara-May's look for Geisha will be coming up later today, and I hope you'll check it out. She is amazing!

The other players in this crazy challenge are

What do you think of this crazy challenge? Would you do it? What do you think of my Geisha look?


  1. aw wow thats super :) x

  2. This looks amazing!!!Really loving what you've done with the blush/eyeshadow and the lips are amazing!! Also loving the massive red flower, totally completes the look!

  3. Lilit, you did an awesome job. I'm thinking you found your next Halloween look...


  4. LOVE THIS LOOK lilit!! You're talented! I love how you blend your lipstick and blush from the outer corner of your eyes to your cheekbones! :)

  5. Makeup Artist or not, this is awesome! Great jpb :)

  6. Absolutely stunning! I'm feeling a little intimidated right now!

  7. this is amazing~~~and making me wish tmr is halloween. but i think u did a great job...especially with the lips lips, very nice~~~

  8. This looks amazing! You did a fantastic job - love the accessories as well, it really completes the look!

  9. Wow, awesome! I love that you used lipstick on your eyes. Great idea. (:

  10. Thanks so much girls, I had so much fun doing this look. Definitely a first for me doing themed looks but I'll do it again. And yep, wish it was Halloween, I got my makeup sorted! LOL.

    Looking forward to seeing Sara-May's interpretation.


  11. This is so pretty Lilit! I love it!!!!

  12. You did a fantastic job! Everything looks great! Love the flower you used in your hair :) x

  13. This look is great - perfect for any fancy dress party for sure!

    Are those your real eyelashes? They look amazing!

  14. Thanks girls!

    @Polly - yes they're my real lashes. As tempted as I am to try fals lashes I'm a bit freaked out by them, i.e. worried I'll pull my own lashes out when trying to remove the falsies.


  15. Hi Lilit,

    you did a great job! I look like a real geisha for me. Love it!

    xoxo, Sandra

  16. Lucky you, if I had real lashes like that I wouldn't need falsies! :)

  17. Wow this looks awesome! Well done.Reminded me that I wanted to read memoirs of a geisha soon hehe



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