May 08, 2011

Activance Hair Stimulant Review

A few weeks ago I was sent Activance Hair Stimulant to try. As you all know I'm trying to be good to my hair, so I thought of course I will try a product that promises to add volumestrength, and promote hair growth. Sure my BS detector went on high alert, but I thought I'd give it a try.

And one of the reasons that it appealed to me is because it said this product won't interfere with any other products that you use. As you know I love my Argan oil, and I didn't want to stop using it for the duration of trying this product.

Here are the  claims from the Activance website.

Up to 90% of users notice a visible increase in hair volume, thickness and shine.
Up to 75% of users report their rate of hair loss reduced or stopped altogether.
80% of users regrow their hair, and many report significant reductions in scalp irritation, seborrhea and dandruff.**

My experience with this product
  • The bottle recommends 8-10 sprays onto the hair and scalp every day. But I found that when I sprayed this amount it left my hair feeling limp. Hellooo? What happened to the volume it promised?
  • My hair is already naturally thick, but I'm all for volume and I don't want limp hair. So I only sprayed 4-5 sprays and found this actually worked better. Hello volume! 
  • It actually felt my hair feeling fairly weightless, I don't know if it's even the right description, but it didn't give me that heavy feeling that thick hair can get.
  • Each morning (whether my hair is washed or not) I spray 4-5 sprays then follow my usual hair routine, i.e. with my beloved Argan oils.
  • It has a sort of masculine perfume smell, but that disappears very quickly.
  • It doesn't coat the hair, and it's non sticky, which means that I can put whatever product on it I want without my hair being weighed down.
One of the things that had been bugging me lately is hair fall. I know it's normal to lose up to 100 hairs a day, but I don't know whether the amount I lose in the shower each morning is a hundred or more? Have YOU tried counting hair? Not easy! So anyway, I have found that in the 3-4 weeks of using this I don't seem to have as much hair fall in the shower which is GREAT.

It contains Rhodanide which is something I'd never heard of before in my search for better hair. And there's all kinds of scientific reasons as to why Rhodanide works, but I won't go into it here because I'm not a scientist and I don't know what it all means. If you do want to know about the science behind this, go to the Activance website.

I'm going to continue using Activance until the bottle runs out (maybe around 3 months?), and see what effects it will have with longer usage. I'm realistic and I will not be execting miracles, i.e.  my shoulder length hair won't turn into Kim Kardashian-esque mane in 3 months, but either way I will report back when I finish the bottle.

It costs $55AUD for the huge 200ml bottle and you can buy from the Activance website, or check out some of the stockists listed there.

Have you tried or heard of this product?


  1. Hi Lilit wondering if you had an update on this product as I have thin hair and would be interested in your result

    1. Hi Paulette, sorry not much else to update. I actually fell pregnant not long after this review and then I stopped using it as I wasn't sure if anything in it would be harmful to the baby. I'm the worst person to comment on it now as I'm suffering all kinds of other hair problems now after the pregnancy (post-partum hair loss, oiliness, etc.). Sorry can't be of much help.



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