May 11, 2011

Change is not always good

Hi all,

You may have noticed over the last few days I'd changed my commenting system to Disqus, thinking this would make it easier for you to comment and receive replies from me. But it appears it isn't so. I have had people email and tweet at me asking for the old comment system back.

What you didn't like:
Having to login to comment 
No easy way of subscribing to replies
Some commenters were getting every other comment made after theirs emailed to them, some were getting nothing.

What I didn't like:
No easy way for me to track my comments, although once I found it, it was easy to reply.
I couldn't see your pictures! In the old commenting system I liked seeing who commented, and I liked having the ability to then click on your name to check out your blogs. This was not available on Disqus :(.

So it appears Disqus isn't for me, and it isn't for my readers. Without further ado I have gone back to the old commenting system. The only problem is that your comments over the last 5 days using Disqus have disappeared. Boo.

Thanks for your feedback on this! As you know this blog is done for YOU, so if there are any other ways I can improve my blog let me know!


PS: Here's an old review I found about the pros and cons of using Disqus


  1. Hehe im glad you changed it! I tried to comment many times, but it was a bit hard!

  2. I'm so glad you changed it back! THANK YOU! I'm not a fan of Disqus :)

  3. YAY...that's pretty much all I have to say. This way is definitely much easier to post


  4. @vintage makeup and christina - i'm glad you're happy! I'm just hoping i can somehow migrate my comments from disqus back to blogger as i'm missing some data from last few days.
    Lilit xo

  5. Hi Lilit, change over to WP self-hosted. So much more flexibility with it and will be great for SEO and traffic. Not too hard to do - just let me know if you need a hand or check out the posts on my blog about it:

  6. Hi Louisa, thanks for the suggestion and the link to your blog. I love all the tips that are posted there! Great site. I will look into going on WP self-hosted further and if I need any assistance I know where to come.




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