May 12, 2011

May FOTD Challenge - Fairy or Nymph

As you know I'm doing Sara-May's FOTD challange. Today's look is Fairy or Nymph.  To see Sara-May's look for today go HERE.

Unlike my Pin-Up look of earlier this week, I really wasn't comfortable doing this. I've never really done themed makeup looks before (ok fine, I did do a Geisha look last week!), so I found it hard to be creative and come up with an amazing Fairy or a Nymph.

Yes, I did go out into our garden and get in the bushes for these pics!

I did a fairly tame interpretation of a tree nymph, with green eyeshadows, bronzed glowy skin, and neutral but semi frosted lips.

The products used

Maybelline dream liquid mousse in Sandy Beige
MAC MSFN powder in Medium
Chic Australia bronzer in Banksia Bloom - I used this for contouring and just giving my face a warm glow
Becca Shimmer powder in Angel  - I used this on top of my cheekbones  for some nice shimmer.

Sleek Original Palette - green on top right corner, used all over lid
Illamasqua eyeshadow Slink - inner corner of eyes
NYX eyeshadow Luster - brow bone
Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

Illamasqua eyeshadow Slink - dabbed all over lips for a frosty look
Maybelline Shinyliscious lipgloss in Caramello

To see who else is playing go HERE.

Some of the looks coming up next week include Cleopatra (that should be fun!), and makeup from another era (20s perhaps?).

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think.


  1. Gorgeous, Lilit. Your cheeks look so glowy!

  2. Cute look!

  3. I think it looks great! It's hard to believe you're not a trained makeup artist.

  4. Thanks girls.

    @Vita - nope, definitely not trained. Just years of practice and watching my mum apply hers.


  5. I love this! I love how you went into the bushes for the photos, now that is dedication to the theme. I wish I could've done this look but back at work and far too busy this week, maybe I'll do one in the future!

  6. This looks beautiful! You definitely did a great job, and I love that you went into the garden for your shots - very dedicated! x

  7. LOOOOOVE it! You look gorgeous Lilit. Your skin looks nicely highlighted too. Loving these FOTD's!! xx

  8. You did another great job! The Becca shimmer powder gives a gorgeous glowy finish, really pretty. Really looking forward to the Cleopatra look next week! :) x

  9. Looks like you had a lot of fun with this look - the photos are cute! Makeup looks great, as usual!

  10. That is so pretty! Greens look amazing on us brunettes. I especially adore how you did your face, cheeks and bronzer.

  11. Green shadow looks really pretty on you :)

  12. omg this is gooorgeous!!! you make a perfect fairy nymph :)))

  13. So pretty! Greens look good on us brunettes:P I love how you did the skin too.

  14. Love that look! You look like a perfect nymph!

    I really like green eyeshadows. I have a full MAC Pro Palettes with greens and I wear them often.

    Wish you a great weekend!
    xoxo, Sandra

  15. great look, your skin looks great, bronzy/ dewy. love itx

  16. @Maryam - thanks hun, perfect halloween look :)
    @Elly - yeah I love greens, it looks great with dark hair and eyes.
    @Sandra - I've seen some of your EOTDs with greens, they look great on you!
    @Msmadamemakeup - thanks babe, in real life it looked too bronze but photographed well.

    On another note it looks like Blogger has deleted my previous comments and still not brought it back.


  17. I love this look, amazing!



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