January 02, 2011

My beauty phobias

Allow me to share with you my 3 beauty phobias, which I think is ridiculous because I'm such a make-up and beauty junkie.

Phobia # 1: Eyelash curlers

Courtesy of google images

I know that these little tools have magical powers and can really lift your lashes, giving you that doe eyed look... but... I've got this fear that as I'm holding my lashes in this scary contraption, I might accidentally tug too hard and pull every single one of my lashes out. I know, ridiculous!

Getting my eyebrows waxed

Courtesy of google images

I am obsessed with getting perfect eyebrows, and I love the look of a newly waxed eyebrow area, but my fear with this one is that the beautician (not me, I'd never attempt this myself), might put wax on the wrong area and pull all my eyebrow hairs off then I'd be forced to have drawn on eyebrows till they grow back! Threading would also fall in this scary category!

Getting fake nails

Courtesy of google images
Some fake nails can look lovely... but... again my fear is that when trying to take off the fake nails I might rip off my own nails in the process! Hmmm...I note a trend developing here...

So, do you have any beauty phobias? Please tell me I'm not the only one with a ridiculous fear of something that can make us look beautiful.



  1. Well, as I said in a recent post, I HAVE had the experience of a waxing girl ripping off too much of my eyebrow, so that's actually a legitimate fear, lol.

    My only real beauty phobia would be things like botox and cosmetic surgery. You see so many people who just look so WEIRD after having it done. I'd never get it just because I'd be scared of turning out like that.

  2. I'm with you there on the waxing, I don't think I've ever been 100% happy with the way they've done it, so now I avoid like the plague lol

  3. I was afraid of eyelash curlers too, after having heard too many scary stories, but I love it so much I won't stop using it hehe!

  4. @Dee, I'm with you on the botox/plastic surgery thing. The risk is too great of ending like Catwoman with that slanty eyed look most botoxed people get.

    @Jade, I'm happy to let my trusty old tweezers do their work, waxes are just too risky.

    @Gaby, the couple of times I have used them (this is pre-phobia days), they didn't change my lashes much so I'm happy to leave them.

  5. I love this post! I don't actually have any phobias.. I used to be a little scared to use eyelashes incase the glue ripped my real lashes off but i'm not anymore! :) xx

  6. That's another phobia of mine, using fake lashes in case mine get ripped out with it!

  7. I'm not a huge fan of waxing and I've recently been recommend Lien Davies as an alternative. She prefers to pluck and is supposed to be the QUEEN of the perfect arch x

  8. @pollymae, I'll have to look up Lien Davies. I've never actually had a professional do my brows for me, but maybe there's a reason they're a pro so i should really give them a try!



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