January 19, 2011

Urban Decay palettes

Top: Vegan Palette
Bottom: Ammo Palette

With the Aussie dollar so strong against the US one, I went a bit nuts and made a whole heap of online purchases from US sites. Two of the purchases were these fab palettes from Urban Decay... I know they've been around forever and swatched to death, but considering they're not sold in AU I hadn't purchased them before (and I don't usually have the patience to wait for international delivery in order to buy online).

I bought the Vegan Palette and the Ammo Palette.

This is what the gorgeous Vegan Palette looks like, which comes with a primer in the colour Sin and eyeliner in Zero.

The swatch above is from Makeupgeek. I bought the Vegan palette for my friend so I don't want to put my germy fingers all over them by swatcing.

The Ammo palette however is mine, so no worries about swatching this one!

Top L/R: Smog, Mildew, Oil Slick, Last Call, Chopper
Bottom L/R: Maui Wowie, Shattered, Polyester Bride, Grifter, Sin

I love all the colours and I'll definitely use them all. The pigmentation is excellent, as is expected from UD shadows, although some of them (Polyester Bride and Grifter) do have a bit of a fall out.

My favourite is Grifter, it's probably my new favourite purple/lilac e/s. And I also love Maui Wowie... but it could also be because I love saying Maui Wowie!

Have you got any of these palettes? What are your favourite UD palettes?


  1. These palettes are sooo pretty! great buy :)

    checkout my giveaway

  2. The vegan palette looks delish! I can't believe that they don't sell it in Aussie!

    I love the Naked palette, hands down. Their loose eye shadows are nice too!

  3. They both look amazing, I'm seriously loving the look of "Smog".

  4. Hi Lilit,

    both palettes are so pretty and I hope you show us a few looks with the Ammo Palette. Shattered looks so pretty to me. The pigmentation looks so good.
    I have never tried any UD palette and I really want the Naked palette. I hope I can grab this sometimes.


  5. I have the Naked palette, my first ever UD palette, it makes me want more UD that's for sure, the quality is lovely and the 24/7 liner is amazing!

  6. Yay to new UD palettes! I am starting to grow addicted to buying UD palettes..and any palettes right now. I don't have the two that you have but like everybody else, i LOVE the naked palette...i just got it...was on waitlist for like a good few months. Would love to see a FOTD with ur palette =]

  7. @Alex - thanks, and I'll def check out your giveway!

    @Toni - yep, there's a lot of things they don't sell in OZ land! Not happy... and not only that Sephora doesn't even deliver here direct.

    @D - smog is definitely my favourite too. It's also in the Naked palette so i'm happy I don't have to worry about running out.

    @Sandra - Good luck with hunt for the Naked palette, it is seriously worth it! And i'll try doing some looks on the weekend and post it later.

    @Jade and Sylvia - it took me forever to find the Naked palette, but I'm so glad I love it. It is easily the best palette around.


  8. These palettes look so nice!
    I have the Naked palette, so far it's my only UD one, although I do have some of their single eyeshadows. I really want to get the Vegan palette next, the packaging is just too cute to resist!
    Enjoy your new goodies!!

    Andrée xx

  9. The ammo palette looks so nice! Where did you buy it from? I have the naked palette which I love, but the colours in this one are really nice.

  10. Hi Emma, I got it off Amazon and the shop was called Infinite Beauty Supply. It was the only place i could find that delivered straight to AU.

  11. Those palletes look so gorgeous!Great haul darl!Cant wait to see a look on them!!!

  12. I have the Ammo Palette and I really love it. My favorite color is Maui Wowie. But be careful while applying the shadows because for some reason, I experience some fallout with the shadows. But I LOVE the palette nonetheless :)

    The Vegan palette looks great too! I have to add it to my never ending beauty list LOL!

  13. I am your follower and I just gave you a blogger award in my post

    Please check it out and pass it on.


  14. Thanks ladies, and I will do a look soon using the palette :)

    Alina - I've noticed the fallout, so I've just started doing my eyes first then foundation so I can clean up the fallout.

    Flora - thank you so much for the award! I've commented on your posting.


  15. Ive got teh Alice in wonderland pallette and I love it. I took it to a music festical with me this year and it was teh [erfect accomplimant



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