January 22, 2011

NOTD - Coral nails for the weekend

After doing nude nails all this week, (as reviewed here), I decided to brighten things up a bit by doing coral nails.

Inglot nailpolish in 104
The nailpolish is from the brand Inglot which is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. Their nailpolishes are $15AUD and are really good quality and long lasting. On my nails they wear a good 4 days before starting to chip around the sides, and 4 days for me is excellent.

The colour itself is a beautiful coral colour which looks more orange indoors with a flash, and more pink in daylight. Either way I love it.

What nails are you sporting now?


  1. Hi Lilit,

    what a pretty color! It looks like spring blossoms, because it is a not so bright coral color. I´m a little bit jealous that you can wear a nailpolish 4 days before chipping. ;)


  2. Hi Sandra,

    most nailpolishes last on my nails for 2 days then start to chip because my nails have become really brittle and peeling lately. This one is pretty good, it's the only one that lasts a while.


  3. i have a award for you http://nikoleen043026.blogspot.com/2011/01/very-first-award-yipee.html

  4. Love the color!
    ive given your blog an award!
    check it out :)

  5. The color is so pretty on you Lilit! I love sporting corals for the summer. I think the coral color looks gorgeous with a tan :)



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