January 09, 2011

Review - Maybelline The Falsies Mascara

The Falsies have finally hit our shores. International readers will probably think this is old news, but sometimes it takes ages for products to arrive in Australia, and The Falsies are one of them.

I've read so many good reviews about them, so when I saw it at Priceline not too long ago I had to get it.

Here's what it looks like on.

No make up

No mascara - eyeshadow used: UD Naked Palette half-baked and smog

One coat

Two coats

Three coats plus black eyeliner
The effect is pretty dramatic, but this doesn't beat my all time favourite mascara which is Max Factor False Lash Effect. I feel this mascara is better at lengthening than thickening, and I much prefer volume to my lashes than length. Also it feels a bit "crunchy" on my lashes, if you know what I mean.

Would a repurchase? - probably if it's on sale, but I'd much rather stick to my Max Factor mascara.

Have you tried The Falsies? What do you think about it? What is your favourite mascara?


  1. Haven't tried the falsies, I'm still currently smitten with lashblast :)

  2. I see a significant difference! :)

  3. My first experiment with it this morning. I feel exactly the same - a little disappointed with the lack of volume. Lengthening, it's great. I think I'm still loving the last Maybelline Volum' Express addition (Colossal Volume). My review will be up soon. x

  4. Wow, looks pretty good on your lashes, if a little clumpy. Thanks for the review. :)

    I haven't tried the falsies. I have an HG that I seldom like to stray from because I'm always disappointed: Cover Girl Super Thick Lash.

  5. I've tried the Falsies before, when it fist came out here in Canada. It was okay. Not my favorite, but definitely decent for a drugstore mascara. My favorite drugstore mascara though is Maybelline Lash Stiletto.

  6. Hi Lilit,

    I hope you had a great birthday?

    I haen´t tried the falsies, but I think two coats are enough. My favorite mascara is Givenchy Phenomen´eyes because of the color range. I have no drugstore mascara. I don´t no why.

    Your eyeshadows looks very pretty. I need the Naked palette.

    Wish you a great day!

  7. I really like this mascara (as you know Lilit!), but I'd love to try MF False Lash Effect at some point.

    I really like the shadows btw, I think the Naked pallette looks so good!

  8. Your lashes look amazing! I have not tried this mascara myself. But I definitely want to in the future. My most favorite mascara is Cover Girl Lash Blast. Have you tried that one? It is my HG drugstore mascara :)

  9. Hi all, thanks for the recommendation for your favourite mascaras, I'll have to give them all a try at some point on another, especially the CG ones that a lot of people are recommending. I must admit I've never tried CG make-up, I don't know why, so I'll have to try their mascara once my current oens run out.


  10. Falsies is pretty good, amazing in fact! It clumps a little but its easy to put on and looks so dramatic and amazing!
    I recommend:
    Collosal Cateyes Dosent clump and looks amazing :D
    One By One Doseent clump but a more natural look!
    Collosal Volume Big lashes :D
    These are all by maybelline!For more information Beauty Products Visit at sleekhair website.

  11. I love the Falsies! it's my current favorite mascara. Easy to remove (if you use the proper mascara/ makeup remover or sunflower oil. hehe) I have medium to long lash length and my lashes are thick so I love the Falsies because they actually do look like false lashes when I use them. I do mostly 2-3 coats (i don't wait for them to dry completely before applying because it's going to look 'crunchy').



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