January 06, 2011

MAC Satin Taupe Dupes

The other day while going through my unloved make-up box (I have two boxes, one for my most loved and most used items, one for make-up that's not getting much love from me for whatever reason). Anyway while going through these unloved items I found a couple of eyeshadows that could definitely be dupes for Mac Satin Taupe.

Satin Taupe is such a popular colour, which is why there are so many dupes out there for it I think.

The ORIGINAL - MAC Satin Taupe (excuse the messy depotting)

The DUPE #1 - Make Up Store Microshadow in Velvet

The DUPE #2 - The Body Shop Eyeshadow in 32

Now lets see them side by side - the MAC and the Body shop are the same size, but the Make Up Store one is huuuge, and will last forever!

The SWATCHES - L/R Velvet, 32, Satin Taupe

Pretty close huh? Velvet and Satin Taupe are the closest matches, with the Body Shop one a shade darker than the other two. Due to the size of Velvet this is better value than Satin Taupe as both cost around $35AUD. 

In terms of application, Satin Taupe is the smoothest, followed by Velvet. Number 32 (they need to give their eyeshadows names, not numbers!) from the Body Shop is more grainy and had more fallout, but if you're on a budget then it's a pretty good dupe.

Do you have any dupes you swear by or do you only go after the original?


  1. Great post! I always love reading about dupes, it helps me not to buy duplicates of stuff I already have :)

  2. I reckon I have a few Satin Taupe dupes, but I don't have Satin Taupe itself to compare with!

  3. The Makeup Store is starting to pique my interest, I've heard some good things about it.

    Sounds like it is similarly priced to MAC- do you think the quality of the two are similar?

  4. @musicalhouses - i somehow always end up getting dupes of things, I think if I like a colour in one brand I always gravitate towards that colour in all other brands too!

    @dee - I only purchased satin taupe recently! Up till then it was all dupes for me!

    @jen - I've only ever tried their eyeshadows and wet/dry foundation powders and I love both. With the eyeshadows some feel smoother than others so you'll need to be careful. Sizewise they're obviously better value than Mac as you usually get a lot more product, but in terms of products the quality isn't always consistently good so you need to swatch carefully. Hope that helps! The powder foundation is great though!

  5. Oh my gosh, they are almost exactly the same! cool, Ive not been showing atin taupe much love as of late I think Ill need to revisit my unloved makeup items too =D

  6. I nominated you for a Beauty Blogger Award - I was going to do this days ago but then my computer conked so I've only just gotten around to it. :-)

  7. thanks for this post ! i will definetly try to find out more cheaper version of satin taupe..which i was planning to buy:O)

  8. Great dupes! They look almost identical!



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