January 10, 2011

My getaway make-up bag plus other bits & pieces

Hi girls, if you're anything like me you probably pack waayy more make-up with you when going on holidays than is necessary! But knowing my bad habit of overpacking (I took 16 lipsticks with me to a recent Europe trip! 16! And I only wore maybe 3) I made a conscious effort to only take the bare necessities. Here's what I took.

Maybelline Age Rewind foundation in Nude; Sephora mattifying powder foundation in D25; E.L.F. All Over Cover Stick; Bronzer - Physicians Formula Baked Pyramid in Baked Tan; BYS Blush in Coral; 2 x Maybelline Mascaras - Falsies and Colossal; Urban Decay Naked Palette; MAC Lipstick in Angel; MAC Lipglass in Viva Glam V; NYX Lipstick in Fig; BYS Lipstick in Coral Kiss; Johnsons 3 in 1 Facial Cleansing Wipes to take it all off!

My daily look was very simple... very light eyes, concealer, bronzer, blush, mascara and lippy and looked pretty much like this.

I wore NYX lippy in Fig pretty much everyday.
As you know it was my birthday while we were up the Coast, and I was pretty spoilt by my husband.
My birthday dinner... I love a good seafood platter! Yummm...

Two of the pressies he got me were this gorgeous coral coloured hat which I wore everyday! It saved me from having to do anything with my hair and gave my poor tresses some break from daily heated appliance use.

How gorgeous is the colour of the hat? I wore it everyday, and suprisingly it went  with all the clothes I had packed with me, including this blue/brown print dress.

The other present that I'm totally excited about is the Moroccan Oil - he'd seen me lusting after it with puppy dog eyes, weighing up whether the $49AUD pricetag was worth it so he got it for me! Love him!
I love the scent of it! I've only used it once so far and I'm aleady addicted.

Being summer, and me convincing myself that calories consumed on your birthday don't count, I consumed a lot of gelato. This was my favourite, blood orange flavour. I don't know if it was the flavour I loved or the colour, but if I could find a lipstick in this exact same shade I'd be v.happy!

That's all from me, what's new with you all? Do you pack a billion beauty things with you to take on holidays? And has anyone used Moroccan Oil yet and what are your thoughts?


  1. Omg! The blood orange gelati looks so delicious! I have never seen that flavour before and i love the drink blood orange!

    Also im loving that hat of yours, great colour!!!

  2. Hi Lilit,

    you have a great husband. The birthday gifts are so lovely. The color of the hat is awesome and perfect for you.
    I have a few products from Moroccan Oil and I love them. The scent is great and reminds me of summer. the oil treatment is the best. I use that after every hairwash.

    xoxo, Sandra

  3. @Jade - I'd never seen blood orange gelato either, but the colour got me hooked so I had to try it... was yummm...

    @Sandra - yep, I have a fantastic husband. I can't wait to wash my hair in the morning so I can try my moroccan oil, I think it's THE best product of they year for me so far and it's only day 10 of the year.


  4. I love these "in my makeup bad posts", I need to do one soon!

    I packed FAR too much makeup on my last holiday and ended up none everyday and just some of my products at night. I've learned my lesson know though :L


  5. This is such a lovely blog! Hope we can give eachother a follow. :)



  6. @Dianne - yes do a post on what's in your bag, I love those too! And yes our weather is really good here at the moment, v.lucky, but that's coz it's summer here.

    @Globetrotter - recipes, fashion, travel... of course I'll give you a follow!

  7. You look gorgeeeous!! and I absolutely LOVE your lipstick! xxxx

    Oh the weather loooks AMAZING!!!! jussst what I need! x

  8. Thanks Neeli, it was my NYX lipstick in Fig that I wore pretty much everyday. And the weather here has turned horrible now... it's cloudy and rainy and nothing like what's in the pic!


  9. Moroccan Oil is fantastic! I love the oil and also the shampoo and conditioner. Here's a tip for you... I found in Soul Patinsons Chemist in Pitt Street Mall a shampoo and conditioner by BaByliss PRO that is a dupe for Moroccan (is it a dupe or just another version? Hmm... good question). Anyway it's based on Argan Oil same as Moroccan Oil, and at about $17 for each 350ml bottle it's an absolute bargain. And it's fantastic. My thick wavy hair which has a tendency to be bushy is lovely and smooth and healthy.

  10. Thanks for the tip Kath, I'll check it out next time I'm at Pitt St Mall. I know exactly the Chemist you're talking about and $17 is def more affordable than the moroccanoil range.

  11. Lilit - or you could get the in-law to get it for you next time he's skiving off at Nespresso shop a few doors up :)

  12. LOL Kathy! I should just get the in-law to get me ALL my beauty supplies that are only available at the city stores!

  13. I got my girlfriend who also works there to go on a shopping expedition to get them for me.



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