January 12, 2011

MAC Cham-Pale lipgelee Straight to the Head

Well I did it, I got a lipgelee! I went to MAC during my lunch break yesterday to pick up a new lipstick for my mum as part of the Back to MAC initiative and noticed the Cham-Pale collection was finally released here.

I had no intention of buying anything but since I'd never swatched any of the lipgelees before I thought I might as well... one swatch and I was hooked! And next thing I know my debit card is being swiped, shopping bags are exchanging hands and this little beauty is coming home with me.

I bought the lip gelee in Straight to the Head, which was the darkest and most opaque one available.

It feels unreal on the lips, very light and non sticky, and surprisingly long lasting for something so shiny.

Natural light

I was very hard to get a decent photo of it on the lips as it came across really patchy in the pics (but not in real life, in real life it's erfect!), so this is the best I could do.

Love it!

Have you got anything from the Cham-Pale collection? Are you planning to?


  1. Ooh pretty, looks like a more opaque version of my NARS Supervixen.

    I'm not planning to buy anything from Cham-Pale due to a self imposed shopping ban (recently spent $150 at the skinstore.com, and $250 on MAC/Chanel)

  2. I'm definitely putting myself on a ban now coz I've spent so much lately too... with our dollar being so good against the US dollar I went a bit nuts at online stores and ebay. So now I'll be putting myself on a ban for at least a month.

  3. Hi, I'm Melissa I'm a new follower of your amazing blog! I was wondering if you'd like to join me reading a book a month in 2011? It starts on the 1st of February 2011 check out our blog group here..


    Would love your company!

  4. And wouldn't you know it, I am tempted by your gorgeous swatch! I didn't look twice at the lip gelees...I sort of wish I had now!

  5. Aww such a pretty shade!!! I have something similar from Revlon but this is even lovely:))
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    Plz follow me there:))
    I'm following you honey!

  6. Very pretty color, and great for winter!!

  7. Love that.. I didn't see anything I wanted in the Champale collection but now I think I have! xx

  8. I love lip gelees, I think I want the bubble lounge one mmm :)

  9. @Melissa - I'd love to join your book-club and I already have!

    @Emma - sorry to tempt you with more purchases!

    @Rakhshanda - already following you dear.

    @Kimmy - it's summer here and it definitely goes great with my semi-tanned skin.

    @Sriya - you should definitely check out this colour, I can see it work great with your skintone.

    @Jade - I don't think I swatched the bubble lounge one... I went straight to the one I bought and didn't want to swatch any others lest I tempted myself with another colour.

    Thanks for your comments girls


  10. That gloss is gorgeous on you Lilit! I have never tried MAC lip gelees but I may have to soon :) Also, nothing really caught my eye in the collection other than that pretty gold/champagne nail polish.



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