December 31, 2010

BYS cosmetics haul

First off, I'd like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy New Year. I hope you all have a fantasic year and  all the wishes that didn't get realised in 2010 get realised in 2011.

In 2011 I'll be minimising my make-up stash, until then here's another make-up haul from one of my favourite budget brands, BYS. BYS is an Australian brand, but they are also stocked internationally, including in the UK. For international stockist details click here.

Anyway this is what I picked up the other day, 3 x blushes and 3 x lipsticks all for the grand total price of $23.70AUD (they're $3.95 each). Bargain!
Blush colours L to R - Candyfloss, Coral, Fierce Fuschia
The blushes are soooo beautifully pigmented, and have a lovely sheen to them even Candyfloss which looks kind of pale in comparison to the others. They stay on all day, and give my skin a beautiful glow. I'm wearing a very light dusting of Coral in the pic below.

My fringe is getting a bit out of control... I'm still trying to decide whether to grow it or get it cut again in a straight style.

And now for the lipsticks... all are beautifully pigmented, are fairly long lasting but you will need to reapply after eating.  The only thing I don't like about the lipsticks is the packaging, which I feel will break any time soon although none of my past BYS lippies have broken.

L to R - Fuschia Surprise, Coral Kiss, Flamingo Pink.

Fuschia Suprise
...hmmm, I really need to do something about the hair on the upper lip! LOL
Coral Kiss (this colour is a bit dry so I'm wearing clear lipgloss on top)

Flamingo Pink

Have you tried BYS before? what do you think? Do you give bargain make-up brands a chance or are you a high end cosmetics convert?


  1. They look lovely, especially the lipsticks! Thanks for the link for the UK, most definitely going to be ordering some of their stuff :)
    Have a lovely New Year!

  2. Thanks Kate, they are lovely and sooo cheap too!


  3. You look so beautiful! The lipstick and blush look gorgeous!

  4. Love this look! gorgeous cheeks and pretty lips. That lippy colour is perfect for you.

  5. Thanks Tara, it's only recently I've started wearing bright lippies and I love them.

    PS: Hope you had a great start to the New Year!

  6. Pretty lipsticks, expecially Coral Kiss (=

  7. Thanks Gaby, it's my new favourite for summer!

  8. I love the Fuschia Surprise lipstick on you! Such a pretty colour :) xx

  9. Great post! always see bys stocked at kmart here in melbourne and often wonder they would be like. definatley going to purchase some now :) thankyou!

  10. @Jadeex, yes you should try BYS, it's suprisingly good. They're blushes are probably the best of the whole line, but I like their lippies and lip pencils as well.

  11. I've always thought that bys wasnt a good brand (i have friends who wear the foundations and lets just say it isnt a good look) , but this might just change my mind when it comes to the lipsticks! they are very cheap!!



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