December 28, 2010

Review - Elf All Over Cover Stick

I love love love this product! That said, I'd never heard of elf cosmetics before I started reading beauty blogs.

I found this one online at crush cosmetics when I was buying the Contour Palette reviewed here  and since it was only  $AU4.95 I thought I'll give it a go.

I bought it in the colour Apricot Beige, which is the lightest one available. It looks really light in the swatch above but it blended away invisibily on my skintone, which is a MAC NC25.

I'm quite impressed by it. I used it under my eyes, and it stayed put all day with no creasing whatsoever. It's quite thick and requires some blending to make sure it's not cakey, but the end result is worth it. See for yourself.

Below photos are taken under natural light.

no concealer
with elf concealer

The below photos are taken under artificial lighting.

no concealer
with elf concealer
I would definitely purchase this again! And I do hope that shops in Sydney start stocking elf products too because if this concealer is anything to go by then I want to try other products too.

Have you tried elf before? And Aussie readers, if you know of a shop that stocks elf let me know please!


  1. You can't get ELF in Australia at all as far as I'm aware, but you can buy a lot of it online pretty cheaply from Nonpareil Boutique. There is an ELF website as well, but they don't ship internationally. :-(

    I've tried quite a lot of their products and they're very hit and miss - some are fantastic and some are rubbish. Off the top of my head, the ones I really like are:

    *Liquid lipsticks - swatches of the ones I've got if you're interested..

    *Studio blush
    *Studio single eyeshadows
    *Loose powder eyeshadows
    *All In One sticks
    *Mineral lipsticks - swatches of mine

    *Blush & Bronzer combo

    The things I personally don't care for (others may disagree) are the Eye Beauty Encyclopedia thing (I have Sparkle Eyes and it's chalky and dusty and kind of horrible), and the little triangular eye shadow quads (not much pigmentation). Oh, and I hated the eye primer. I tried it a couple of times and threw it out.

    I should really swatch the rest of my ELF stuff. That might be a project for when I'm on holiday next week. :-)

  2. Okay, that was kind of a novel - sorry about that!

  3. I have been meaning to try the E.L.F. All Over Color Stick. It looks so great! And I love the coverage it gave for you. I have horrible dark circles myself, I may just give this concealer/foundation a go :)

  4. Yes definitely give it a try Alina, it might be too heavy as foundation but great under the eyes.


  5. oh woww it really makes a difference!!! and its so affordable!!
    aah i already have an elf-wishlist...going to have to add this to it now! just abit unsure about what shade to buy online :S hmm
    thank you so much for ur comment on my hairstory!! xx

  6. Interesting..If I get a chance, I will definitely try it :)
    So far, I have only used their eyeliner, eyeshadow beauty books and lips beauty books. I love them!

  7. I love cheap cosmetics that are actually good! and so far this is good. :-)


  8. ELF cosmetics launched itself in Australia late last year.

    They're bringing in more products in Feb 2011 and their shipping is from Melbourne and is quite cheap.

    Hope this helps :)

  9. Thanks mylinh, i'll definitely check out the website!

  10. This looks like really good stuff. Haven't tried anything form elf but think i'll be giving this a go! x

  11. Hi! I love ELF cosmetics, I have ordered approximatley 20 products from the Australian website, and i'm very happy with the quality of them so far. I will be reviewing them soon on my blog, because ELF definitely deserves a lot of beauty love!

    Seriously good stuff.



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