December 30, 2010

Lavender nail polish and an unplanned FOTD

Hi girls, just thought I'd share with you my favourite nailpolish of the week...  It's this gorgeous colour from Sportsgirl!

Initially I thought that OPI Dim Sum Plum would be a good dupe, as reviewed by the lovely Sandra in her blog but the OPI one is much brighter and redder and upon looking at her swatches again it looks nothing like mine!

But never fear, I did some googling and Essie Splash of Grenadine was definitely a close dupe!
Sportsgirl Nail It Nailpolish in Lavender - $7.95AUD

It's a creme colour and 2 coats is all you need to get a nice streak free coverage. They're also fairly long lasting, upto a week without chips if I do the proper base/top coat.

Soft flash, indoors

No flash, hand held directly in front of window so almost under natural light
I love the colour sooo much that I even found a lipstick that matches it, and I wore it on Christmas day. The colour of the lipstick is called Flamingo Pink by BYS (I'll review it later and try to find dupes for non-Australian readers who don't have BYS sold near them). Here's a pic.

Can you tell it was a hot day?! That "glow" is not deliberate!

Let me know what you think, and also what are some of your fave shades right now.



  1. Hi Lilit,

    the nailpolish looks great. The color is beautiful and the lipstick matches it perfect and it goes so well with your skintone.
    I think a dupe from OPI for that color is Japanese Rose Garden.

    Thanks for the Link to my blog!

    Have a nice day!

  2. @Sandra, no problems linking to your blog. That colour you reviewed was so gorgeous let others see it too!

    @Cerina, thanks, it's a new favourite.

  3. You look stunning!! The lavender lips look great on you and purple lippy is soooo not easy to pull off.

    Keep up the great work!

  4. You look stunning! I love the matching lips and nails.. Such a beautiful colour :) xx

  5. Thank you so much Kimmi and Sriya, your comment put a smile on my face :-)


  6. Wowww this is a stunning colour :) Dont think they have that brand here though :( Never heard about that brand



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