December 22, 2010

Lipstick collection - nudes

Here's the second part of my lipstick collection - Nudes.

I'm definitely a Smokey Eye/Nude Lips kinda girl, and even though I'm branching out to brighter colours now, Nudes will always be my favourite.

With flash (without flash the colours looked all wrong)

With flash

Without flash
All lipsticks are shown without a gloss, as they are. I have used a nude coloured lipliner to outline my lips faintly... sorry i don't know what the colour of the lipliner is called as it's completely rubbed off from the pencil, but I know it was by BYS.

1. Nyx round lipstick - Circe

2. Nyx round lipstick - Orange Soda

3. Revlon Matte - Nude Attitude

4. MAC - Hue (Glaze)

5. MAC - Pet Me Please LE (Frost): This lipstick actually looks nicer swatched than in real life. i find it really difficult to wear, and in fact I've only ever worn it under lipglosses. On it's own it looks too silver on the lips.

6. BYS - Champaigne Rain: BYS is Australia's answer to Nyx I guess, it's even creamy and smooth like the Nyx lipsticks... this brand is generally found at discount cosmetic stores, like GLOSS, Groove, or even Kmart and BigW

This BYS lipstick is my absolute all time favourite lipstick ever, and it only costs approx $AU3.00. I've gone through about 3 tubes of the stuff since I discovered it earlier in the year, and I even bought 2 back-ups incase BYS does something silly like... discontinue it!

Hope you like my Nude lipstick collection. What favourite Nudes do you have?


  1. Yeah, Hue is one of my faves... actuaally I say that about all my lipsticks, that they're a favourite, which is why I buy them I suppose!


  2. I have Hue and I really love the color but after a while it's in my wrinkles and it looks like having chapped lips! Than it really looks awful...I was really hoping that it would be different to Mac Myth...with Myth my lips look horrible too!! What can I do and how can I use these shades?!

    1. I usually use these pale shades to lighten up other lipstick colours, as Myth looks awful on me too. Or put a bit darker gloss over it and maybe it will be more wearable>



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