December 18, 2010

UPDATED Review - Crush Cosmetics 6 Piece Blush and Contour Palette

I'm a bit palette crazy, so when I spied this blush and contour palette at online store Crush cosmetics I had to buy it. I was very impressed with their delivery times... I ordered it on a Tuesday and came home from work on Thursday to find my package waiting for me at the door...

This is what the palette looks like, 6 gorgeous looking full sized pans. I really want to love it, but this needs to work a bit harder to impress me. The colours felt dry  to apply, are a bit chalky and not too pigmented, and to be quite honest I don't really know if I'd get any use out of the colours 2 and 4.

The bronzer is probably my favourite of the lot, and for that alone I don't mind spending $AU21 on it. It looks scarily dark in the pan, but because of the light pigmentation (hmm... maybe not being too pigmented is a good thing!) it doesn't look as dark on the face. Also it has no shimmer, so it's perfect for contouring.

You can tell from the swatches they're a bit chalky.

Anyway here is what it looks like on the face.

Outdoors, no flash

Indoors, flash.
I used the bronzer to contour and the blush number 6 on the cheeks. I also used the white powder (1) high on my cheekbones, almost under the eyes, to highlight. I do like the way it looks on the face, and as I said I do want to love it, so I'll use it for at least a whole month before I make up my mind about this.

If there are any face palettes that you love, do let me know. I'm all about streamining my makeup case, so if i can get something with blush, contour and highight all in the one palette I'll be very happy.

UPDATE 30/12/10 - I've had this palette for almost 3 weeks and I've used it every single day. My favourite product is still the bronzer, but I actually started using the colours 1, 2 and 4 which I initially didn't. Colours 2 and 4 are translucent setting powders which make my foundation last all day, and the white one (1) I use to brighten up my eye area a la Kim Kardashian. Love it.


  1. You look gorgeous!! I love the lipgloss :) xx

  2. Hi Lilit,

    the palete looks like my MAC blush palette.

    I have so much palettes. One of the best All-in-one-Palette is a Travel-Palette from Guerlain Terracotta. I have posted it on my blog last year. It includes eyeshadows, liners, lipgloss, blush and bronzer. I think it´s still available. The other palettes that I have includes eyeshadows and lipsticks/ lipgloss. No blush and highlighter. You should check out Bobbi Brown.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Thanks Sriya, and you ALWAYS look gorgeous! PS the lipgloss is Nars Turkish Delight but I'm really not liking, too runny.

    Hi Sandra, thanks for the tips, I'll check out your review of the Travel palette soon, and a trip to Bobbi Brown is coming up soon no doubt!


  4. Hello Lilit,
    I am really eyeing this palette, I will definitely check out the site. It makes a great x-mas gift, thanks for the post.
    Ps. You look gorgeous.




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