December 20, 2010

Lipstick collection - pinks

I thought in the interests of getting to know me, I'd share with you some of my make up collection, starting with my lipsticks. I wasn't always a lipstick girl, I much preferred glosses but as my hair started getting longer (which meant it would get stuck on my lips on a windy day), I shifted more and more to lipsticks and now I have quite a sizeable little collection.

Anyway, here are  my pinks.

With flash (no matter what I did I couldn't get a clear shot without the flash, but I can honestly say the flash didn't distort the colours)

No flash

With flash (I think this is a better representation of the colours than the one above with no flash)

The colours are:

1. MAC - Angel (frost)

2.MAC - Snob (satin)

3. Revlon Matte - 002 Pink Pout

4. David Jones Moisture Cream lipstick - Whisper Pink (AU only)

5. Nyx round lipstick - Paris

6. L'Oreal colour juice stick - Lilac Hue (in AU I've only seen this lipstick in discount cosmetic stores, not in Priceline or any department store)

Do you have any of these colours? What are your favourite pinks?


  1. Hi Lilit,

    I have Angel and I love the color. I have a few MAC lipsticks, because of the Back2MAC.

    Another great pinks that I have are Creme Cup, Speed Dail. One of my favorite are Way to Love.

    Have you tried YSL Rouge Voluptes? The brand has also great pinks.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Sandra, I need to check out the Mac ones you suggested.

    As for YSL, unfortunatley it's really expensive here in AU so I don't think I'll be buying any anytime soon. They're $AU54 (approox $US45) soo wayy too much for lipstick.

    You have a great day too!

  3. Great swatches! I love them all.. The Nyx one is my favourite though! :D xx

  4. Yeah I love the nyx one too, it's such a gorgeous pink that's not too light and not too bright.

  5. I love the MAC Angel (frost) one! Soo cute. =]

  6. Thanks Stefany, I think that one's a lot of people's favorite, including mine.



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