December 26, 2010

Lipstick collecton - corals

Hi girls, this is the final of my lipstick collection...

I don't have too many coral / peachy lipsticks and I probably don't need any either considering I have sooo many lipsticks in other colours that I don't know when I'll get around to wearing them all... In fact doing this collection made me realise how many lipsticks I actually do own! and that's not even counting my lipglosses!

Anyway here are my corals (some are more orange and some are more pink, so without knowing what's the best word to describe them I'm using the broad term "corals").

With flash

With flash

No flash
Below are swatches of how they look on the lips. I haven't used lipgloss or lipliner on any of them.

1. Bloom sheer colour cream - Coy (this is actually a cream cheek colour but I find it too oily for my cheeks, so I use it on my lips instead. It has a lovely lavender scent, and I know isn't really coral, but in certain lighting it's in the coral family. I just use my finger to apply, but I suppose you can use a brush if you want a neater line)

2. Nyx round lipstick - Vitamin

3. Inglot lipstick - 104 (this is a new favourite summer shade)

4. Revlon vital radiance - Melon

I like to layer my lipsticks sometimes, and below is what #1 looks like layered over #3, which is a favourite combo that I often do.

I'd love to hear what your favourite corals are, even though I'm trying NOT to buy any more lipsticks. 

PS: Hope you enjoyed my lipstick collection, if you've done collections like this of your own let me know, I'd love to check them out.


  1. Wow, Vitamin looks really pretty! I have a ton of the NYX round lipsticks, but not that one.

    I do own a couple of corals, but I can't really wear coral much - it tends to look weird on me for some reason.

  2. Thanks Dee, and I've seen your Nyx collection! I think that's how I came across your blog in the first place.

    Vitamin looks a bit weird on me too, so I have to tone it down a bit wiht some sheer nude lippy otherwise I won't wear it out in public.

  3. Ooh these colours look just gorgeous!!
    I just found your blog from reading a review on the Crush Cosmetics sight on the blush/contour palette- I think you just saved me $21.95 lol (I think your right- I wouldn't get much wear out of a few of the colours)
    Thanks for that :)

  4. Happy to help Sarah! I wish it was a better palette, but alas. And I so love that website too! I've bought the elf concealer stick from there which is just amazing, so I'll be reviewing that one soon.




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