March 02, 2014

Cake Eyeliner 3 Ways

If you're imagining a birthday cake shaped eyeliner, ummm... no. That's not a cake eyeliner. A cake eyeliner comes in a pressed powder format, but is highly pigmented and you need to apply it with a damp sponge for it to work (damp with either water or some kind of makeup sealant). The effect you get is similar to gel liners, but it's much easier to work with.

The cake eyeliners that I'm using are by Laura Mercier and I would have to say since starting using them I've stopped using any other liners. The liners are part of the LM Luxe Colour Wardrobe (reviewed HERE) that I got from my husband for Christmas (excuse how grotty they look in the pic, but they don't look pretty no matter what I do!). At first I ignored them, put them in the too hard basket and used the rest of the products from that palette, but then when I gave the cake liners a try it was love. Why?
  • Easy to apply - it's best to apply with a flat eyeliner brush. I just wet the brush with water, then go over the liner a few times to pick up colour and apply. 
  • Long lasting - they last all day for me until I'm ready to wash them off.
  • Won't smudge - this is soooo important to me. I have small eyelids (they're semi-hooded) so whenever I apply liquid or gel liners I have to look down for 2-3minutes until it dries otherwise it'll smudge on my lids. Not cake liners! Absolutely no smudging at all as they dry pretty much insantly. 
  • Stays in my waterline all day - enough said. 
  • Versatile - It can give you the same effects as a pencil, liquid or gel eyeliners
Just to show you how versatile cake eyeliners can be, here are 3 looks I've done with my Laura Mercier liner in Black Ebony.

1. Line it
Using a dampened flat eyeliner brush (I'm using the one included in the LM kit as it's really good!) I've lined all over my eyes with the cake eyeliner. I've also lined my inner rims using the same brush, and as I mentioned above they last in my waterline all day.

2. Flick it
Here I've done a cat-eye flick using a dampened flat eyeliner brush for drawing on the lid, then using a damp thin pointed brush to do the flick at the end.

3. Smudge it
This is an easy peasy one. I've used a dampened flat eyeliner brush to draw on the top lash line, then used a dry sponge tipped applicator, pressed on the cake eyeliner in pan to pick up extra colour and smudged the line I'd drawn earlier.

Here are the brushes that I've used.

I haven't tried any other cake eyeliners besides these Laura Mercier ones, but I've heard the Illamasqua and the Napoleon Perdis ones are pretty good.

Have you used cake eyeliners? What do you think of them?


  1. Love the smudged look there!

  2. A MUA used this on me before, and it performed really well. I didn't think to buy it at that time, because I have lots of liners, but you've made your case! The best thing is, they're dry anyway, so won't have to worry about them drying up like other gel liners :-)

    1. You need to get it babe, it's seriously the best thing ever as it's so long lasting and doesn't smudge at all. Yep, and economical too as you don't have to worry about it drying out! xx

  3. Looove LM cake eyeliner! I'm a huge eyeliner user (gotta accentuate those big Armenian eyes!), thus I've always experimented with liners and mascaras. For a while I was fixated on gel liners, from Bobbi Brown to MAC to Rimmel and finally to Maybelline. I found that all of them dry instantly, the higher end ones were painful to throw away so I switched to drugstore kind which did the same. I would end up with globs of gel on my eyelids. So I switched to Kate Von D's Tattoo Liner, which I adore for a liquid eyeliner look. Stays put until you remove your makeup. Then I read about LM's liner and after I tried it I was in love! It doesn't dry up, it's super easy to apply and it glides on beautifully, no jagged lines. I didn't, however, try the smudged effect. I like the way it looks on you, will have to try it.

    1. Nice to "meet" another fellow Armenian :)
      I always thought cake eyeliners would be so hard to use but it's quite contrary actually. And yep, I love that these'll last a long time and not dry out like gel liners can.

  4. I've been wanting to try a cake liner for ages after seeing an MUA use the Makeup Store one so much x

  5. I've been using cake eyeliners for the past few years on a daily basis and I love them! Cake eyeliners are great for eyeliner 'newbies' (aka me when I started with them) as it's soo much easier to apply a straight (ish) line with a flat or angled eyeliner brush. I've tried the Laura Mercier ones but I confess I kind of forgot about it after picking up an Illamasqua cake eyeliner on sale one time! :P
    I too have hooded lids but I also get hayfever (and consequently, watery eyes) so neither brand of cake eyeliner when mixed with water lasted without smudging so I purchased Illamasqua's sealing gel. I definitely recommend it; it works so much better than just water - more pigmented and no smudging!



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