March 29, 2014

Femme Boulevard - Hollywood Goddess

Welcome to another instalment of Femme Boulevard where me and the rest of the FB girls create a look along a particular theme chosen for the month. This month we decided on Hollywood Goddess as our theme. I decided to do a look inspired by Marion Cotillard. To me she is the epitome of a modern Hollywood Goddess. She is always so beautifully styled, never over the top, and oh so glamorous in that understated French way. I also love how she's always smiling in her red carpet photos - makes me happy looking at her, unlike other actresses who seem to have a permanent scowl glued to their face.

Back to Marion and the look I was most inspired by, which was of Marion at the 2013 BAFTAs. In that look she did her hair up in a side chignon, a classic red lip and a winged eyeliner... but, just above the black liner there was a slick of blue liner! Yep, she took a classic look and made it her own.
Left: Marion Cotillard at the 2013 BAFTAs, Right: my interpretation of the look

Now, can we talk hair please. My hair is too short to wear in a side chignon, but luckily ages ago I'd bought one of those fake hair buns from ebay (just search for "hair bun extension"). I simply put my hair in a loose side ponytail (if you'd even call it a ponytail! it's that short!) and then stuck the fake bun on top of it, and voila red carpet hair.

Here's everything I used for this look.

FACE: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse foundation in Nude with a dusting of Maybelline 24hr Superstay Powder in Sand. I contoured my cheeks with Illamasqua Sculpting Duo and then applied Illamasqua Lover blush on the apples.

EYES: I used my UD Naked Palette, the original for this look. I applied Buck in the crease and Sidecar on the lid and bottom lash line. I then lined my eyes with Cool Betty Liquid Liner (from Korean makeup stores), then applied Face Of Australia eyeliner in Marine just above the black line. I then applied 2 coats of Covergirl Flamed Out mascara in black.

LIPS: I used Estee Lauder lipstick in Poppy Love.


On nails wearing Sensationail Gel colour in White Lily - yep, after falling in love with the DIY gel kit (reviewed HERE) I went and bought the white shade. 

Hope you liked my interpretation of Marion Cotillard's look. As usual, don't forget to see what the rest of the ladies have come up with. 
Click HERE for Lily's look
Click HERE for Teri's look
Click HERE for Kate's look. 


  1. Hi! Gorgeous!! Love the look you chose and the lip colour is amazing on you! That little pop of blue eyeliner is so chic too!

  2. Spot on look, Lilit! It's beautiful on you!

  3. I'm always blown away by your skills and attention to detail. Everything in so on point -- including hair and accessories, and even nail polish! (Goes perfectly with the neon yellow).

    1. Thanks so much babe, I've got a bit of a thing for neon yellow at the moment so I'm just happy I could incorporate it in this look :)

  4. I LOVE your rendition of Marion, in fact, I think you kinda look like her!! Hair and all, absolutely spot on rendition without looking trying too hard/matchy-matchy.

    1. Aww thank you so much, I WISH I looked like her, she's so chic! I'm quite happy how the hair turned out actually, considering I'm wearing a fake bun! LOL.

  5. ooo i love marion collard and i think you did her look pretty well! i'm still scared to mix blue liner with orange lips but she does it so well.

  6. Wow Lilit, you look so pretty! The look is such a classic too. And can you please do my hair? I can never get it like that, lol ^^.



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