June 03, 2013

5 to Try: The Great Gatsby inspired lipsticks

I haven't seen The Great Gatsby yet, and to be quite honest I'm not sure I'll see it soon either (blame the fact that I have a baby and right now I choose sleep over sitting for 3 hours in the cinema hall), but I do love seeing the costumes and makeup from the film. Here are 5 lipsticks that I thought would not look too out of place if you were going for a Gatsby inspired look.

  1. Australis Longwear lipstick in Glam* - a matte dark wine shade with brown undertones. Previous review HERE
  2. Rimmel Kate matte lipstick in #107 - a super creamy yet matte berry shade. Previous review HERE
  3. MAC lipstick in RiRi Woo - a deep true red with blue undertones. Previous review HERE
  4. The Make Up Store lipstick in Black Currant* - a creamy deep purple shade with silver sparkles.
  5. Wet n Wild lipstick in Mauve Outta Here - a soft mauve shade, very pretty. Previous review HERE

I imagine the glamorous Jordan wearing shades 1, 2 and 4. Number 3 is a real Myrtle colour, whereas Daisy would probably go for the softer 5.

L/R: Jordan, Daisy & Myrtle - all images via http://www.impawards.com

Have you seen The Great Gatsby yet? Are you going to?

*PR Samples


  1. the red lippy is absolute awesome... :)

  2. I would LOVE to have reason enough to wear #3.

  3. such a great idea, wonderful post!

  4. I wish I could go see it, but with two kids it's hard to find tie to go out and have someone to watch them. These are all very pretty shades!

  5. RiRi Woo and Mauve Outta Here are heaven! Can't wait to watch this movie. x

  6. Nice post! Loving it

  7. I'm digging red lipsticks nowadays! Ruby woo is the closest to what I have ooh and a few reds and berried from rimmel also! I need to watch this movie, can't believe I haven't yet!



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