June 10, 2013

Rouge Bunny Rouge Eyeshadows x 2 - swatches, review and comparison

It was only a matter of time before I jumped on the Rouge Bunny Rouge bandwagon. The cult beauty brand originated in Moscow in 2006 before enchanting the rest of the world with fairytale inspired products. The products themselves are so luxurious, with opulent packaging reminiscent of old Tsarist times.

I don't know why it took me so long to get anything from RBR, perhaps it was price (it's on the higher end of the scale), or because of inaccessibility (for a while they didn't ship to Australia). Either way, I'm so glad I tried the brand, the only problem is I want more! I bought 2 eyeshadow refills from BeautyBay as they have free international shipping. And the refills worked out at around $22 each, vs $35 for the ones in a pot. I'm just going to put them in my Z-Palette anyway so I don't need the pot.

Rouge Bunny Rouge long lasting eyeshadows - Snowy Egret and Delicate Hummingbird
These two eyeshadows are from the "When Birds Are Singing" collection, a collection inspired by exotic birds. Snowy Egret is a frosted white with golden iridescence. Delicate Hummingbird is a purplish plum with silver iridescence. The colours themselves aren't anything unique, but the quality of these eyeshadows is what sets them apart. They are so buttery smooth and highly pigmented, and best of all there is no fallout.

How to wear them
The two colours complement each other really well. Delicate Hummingbird is one of those perfect shades that works well on its own for an easy smokey eye look, or worn in the crease with Snowy Egret on the lid.

Any dupes?
I searched through my collection to see if I had any dupes but I didn't. The closest were MAC Vex and Satin Taupe but as you can see they're not exactly dupes.

Have you tried anything from Rouge Bunny Rouge?

You can purchase Rouge Bunny Rouge from their website or via BeautyBay, both deliver internationally. 


  1. Ahh all these recent posts on RBR makes me really want to try it! Love the look of delicate hummingbird, reminds me of the beauty blog by the same name! i also have my eye on Abyssinian Catbird c;

    à la foliee

  2. They look gorgeous- might have to try them x


  3. They look so buttery smooth and Delicate Hummingbird is mad love!!!

  4. Delicate Hummingbird looks beautiful x

  5. These shades are really pretty, and it sounds like they are great quality too. I haven't tried Rouge Bunny Rouge before but now you have me interested!

  6. I have yet to try RBR, but I've been reading so much about them I'm getting curious. I have both Vex and Satin Taupe. Truthfully, I don't use them enough. I've stuck all my MAC in hard to reach places in the drawer.



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