June 28, 2013

Friday's letters #8

My little boy who will be 1 year old in 2 weeks!
Dear Friday,
I know I didn't write to you for 2 whole weeks. I was busy, sorry, before I realised it you had turned to Saturday so there was no point in writing to you that late. I'm here now though, but I can't promise this won't happen again.

Dear Luca,
How is it that you are almost 1? I still remember the puffy faced little newborn that you were, completely dependant on us for everything. Now you want to assert your independence, especially when it comes to eating, sleeping, being strapped into the pram, being strapped into the car seat, having your nappy changed, having your clothes changed... basically you just want to show us you're the boss.  Ok baby, we get it. Now can I change your clothes without you screaming the house down?

Dear Labour Party,
Thanks for injecting some excitement into Australian politics. Now can you go back to running the country instead of playing leadership ping pong?

Dear Aldi,
I actually did my full grocery shopping there the other day. Yes I saved money, but I don't know if the stress of having to pack my own bags while the cashier hurls my items at me at super speed is worth it. And I'm not even mentioning the fact that there appears to be no rhyme or reason to the way your stores are laid out #defieslogic

Dear Google Reader, 
So this is goodbye, looks like after 1 July you are no more. I did enjoy catching up on my favourite blogs through you, but I have since found other alternatives - Bloglovin' and Feedly. So goodbye and good luck!


  1. Learning to shop at Aldi takes time. I personally take green bags and pack my groceries when I get back to the car - I just throw them in the trolley and get out of the checkout. Also, you'll learn the layout of the stores. It's generally Breakfast/Morning tea, Canned dinner/Baby, up the back it's bathroom/kitchen and then Dog food/Laundry/Canned drinks. You'll get used to it. I constantly used to get lost in Woolies (still do) but stick at it. it's worth it in the end, trust me :)

    Also, please tell Luca to stop growing. He's getting far to big, and more adorable every time he makes an appearance. x

    1. I only had one of those pulley baskets which I stupidly didn't take with me when I put my groceries on the conveyer belt... next time I'll know better, though I still can't see me doing a complete switch to Aldi as they'd don't seem to have everything there.
      As for Luca, he's growing like a weed that little dragon! I can't believe he's almost 1! xx

  2. Dear Baby Luca, I remember writing to your beautiful mommy days before you decided to pop out into the world, wishing her love and happiness. I thought she was pretty before, I think she's beautiful now! You've made mommy and daddy happy, yes but you've also made mommy's blog readers happy. That toothless grin that you grace us with every now and then, make my day! I feel like I know you since before you were born and that makes me love you too! You're awesome! Stay that way! Mmwah!


    1. err cant believe you're so big already! (got carried away!)
      Here's wishing you a thousand years of happiness!!

    2. Dear Ikya, thanks for reading mommy's blog and thanks for all your lovely wishes for me. I would like to make more of an appearance on the blog but mommy won't let me... I'm thinking since it's my birthday in 2 weeks she'll let me at least make an appearance here to celebrate with you all.
      PS: I'm no longer toothless, I now have 6 teeth so my grins are now toothy grins. :)
      Love, baby Luca.

  3. I can't believe it! One already? I can't believe my tiny baby is six months, either. She's already a little sassypants. Maybe it's a dragon thing ;)

    1. Crazy huh, how time flies!
      LOL, yep probably a dragon thing but I wouldn't have it any other way! :)

  4. Honestly, I'm kind of relieved. I thought it was just my son who screamed and carried on EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I try to change his clothes or nappy! One year old. I can't believe it. Do you think if we refer to their age in months for the next few years we will fool ourselves into still thinking their our babies?! Xx

    1. Oh Luca is the same, every nappy change is a great big ordeal with screams and tears and shouting. I'm surprised my neighbours haven't called the authorities on me! LOL. It's probably a phase, as a friend of mine said her daughter was exactly the same until one day she just stopped, just like that, with no intervention from the parents. I can't wait for the day for our littlies to stop making such a big deal of nappy changes!
      PS: They'll forever be our babies, even when they're old and parents themselves! xx

  5. Aww, Luca looks so sweet and he has lovely eyes :)



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