December 08, 2012

My 5 favourite perfumes and a hint to my husband

I wanted to do a post on my 5 favourite perfumes, and in the process realised 3 of my top 5 are discontinued. That's right, no longer available at the stores. Typical! But that's why we have THE INTERNET, which means I can still track them down despite them being discontinued.
These aren't my favourite perfumes, I just really like these bottles! Image Source

My Top 5 favourite perfumes
I tend to like scents in the floral/oriental family. The main notes of the floral/oriental family include orange blossom and sweet spices, with base notes of musk and vanilla.
You will note that there are only 4 perfumes in this photo, that's because I've run out of my 5th favourite!

Left to right:
Lady Vengeance by Juliette Has a Gun - this is a very moody and dark fragrance with spicy musky undertones. This is a fairly recent addition to my perfume collection, but it has quickly become a favourite to wear during nights out. It's too overpowering for daytime, but is perfect to wear to a nice romantic dinner. This particular perfume is mainly sold at boutique perfume stores rather than department stores. It is also available to purchase HERE.

Sculpture by Nikos - this is my favourite perfume OF ALL TIME. I received a bottle for my 18th birthday many many years ago and I've never been without a bottle since. It's in the floral oriental category. It starts off with a zesty bergamot/lemon scent then slowly develops into a warmer scent with a hint of vanilla. It's great for daytime wear. Sculpture by Nikos is no longer available at the shops, but luckily I've been able to track it down online with Shopbot Service (a price comparison website) and at a really bargain price.

Black by Bvlgari - this is a unisex perfume and similar to Sculpture it has bergamot as one of its notes. Bergamot is a type of orange, but not too citrusy. It has base notes of black tea and is a soft woody frangrance. This is possibly my 2nd favourite perfume after Sculpture. And yes, this is also discontinued but you can still find it at discount perfume stores or online.

Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears - yes, I admit, I like the Britney Spears perfumes! I like the original too, but Midnight Fantasy is my favourite! I'd probably put this in the floral/oriental category as well. It has top notes of black cherry, and finish off with a musky vanilla base. Everytime I wear this I crave blackforest cake for dessert!

Kenzo Amour Indian Holi (not pictured) - this is a limited edition from a few years ago, and I haven't been able to track this down at the shops but it is definitely available online. So if my husband was looking at buying me a gift for say Christmas or for my birthday, then I would highly recommend he tracks this one down (just click HERE honey). I'm seeing a bit of a trend here, as this perfume is also a floral/oriental with cherry top notes, and base notes of vanilla. It's perfect for day or night, and the bottle looks great displayed on the dressing table.

What are some of your favourite perfumes? Do you also hate it when your favourites are discontinued?


  1. Oh I admit that I'm a fan of Britney Spears perfumes also! My all-time fave has been discontinued for some time now, at least, I can't find it anywhere. And believe me, I've looked. Its Christos, by Christopher Chronis. Oh so delicious. Really dark and musky, different to the regular floral scents I tend to wear. Hope your Hubby takes thehint! Xx

  2. Love all those too, Lilit (minus the Fantasy one). Ever tried Kenzo Jungle L'Elephant? It's Amour Indian Holi on crack, think amped up cumin on that vanilla base.

  3. If I have to choose among your 5 most favorite perfumes, it’s got to be Black by Bulgari. I like its sweet, subtle citrusy scent. And I can even shere it with my spouse.

  4. I'm really craving blackforest cake now! And a perfume with Cherries, Vanilla and citrus! Oh wait! That's blackforest cake!



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