December 15, 2012

5 Reasons To Shop At Gloss Cosmetics

I've been a long time shopper at Gloss Cosmetics, more specifically their Parramatta store from back when there was only the wee small store there. I actually work not far from Parramatta Westfield (that is, when I'm not on maternity leave!) so many a lunch break have been spent perusing the Gloss stands for a fix of affordable cosmetics and accessories.

Gloss Parramatta Flagship Store
I'm sure you've seen my previous Gloss haul posts here on the blog before. So when I received an invite to check out their brand new, bigger than ever, Flagship store at Westfield Parramatta I was absolutely excited. Leaving my little boy at home for some daddy bonding time I headed over this morning to check out the store.
Gloss Parramatta flagship store - Level 2 Parramatta Westfield

They had the girls from I Scream Nails over doing free nail art for the opening festivities. I got my nails done, with a diamond feature nail AND got to walk my nails down the nail red carpet and captured it on the Manicam. Hilarious!
Getting my nails done by the I Scream Nails girls, and some of the nail designs available in store.

You can check out some more of the nail paparazzi poses HERE. Or if you want to see the Manicam in action click HERE.

5 Reasons To Shop At Gloss Cosmetics

As I've been on mat leave for the past 5 months I hadn't stepped foot in Gloss in that long. Going there again made me think of why I like the store. And yes, I did do some hauling while there, but that'll be another post.

1. They are affordable. Some days you need a cosmetics fix without breaking the bank. Maybe a bright lipstick for less than $5. Or some shimmer nail polish. Hey why not even a studded clutch or a charm necklace for around $20? You can find them all at Gloss, at very affordable prices.

2. They are on trend. If you're like me then you probably don't want to spend a lot of money on items that are trendy now, but will make you cringe in horror in a year's time. Neon jewellery? Yep, it's cool now, but will you still like it next year? That's why it's great when you can find those trendy-now items at a really cheap price at Gloss, so you can get your fix now, but not worry about wasting your money.
Accessories starting at $4.95

3. Their staff are friendly. I'm sure you've all experienced snobby service from some cosmetic stores. I definitely have! There is one particular store (that shall remain nameless) where I always experienced snootiness until somehow they found out I'm a beauty blogger and they started putting on the charm. Not cool. Well at Gloss I've always experienced friendly service no matter which one of their stores I've gone to.
Lovely Glossies

4. They are in convenient locations. You know how some cosmetic stores are only in certain trendy locations? Like Paddington or Surry Hills? Well Gloss recognizes that there are beauty lovers all over the country, and that going to those funky suburbs is not always convenient for them so they have over 20 stores in suburbia nationally with more opening all the time. Click HERE for a complete list of their store locations.

5. They look after their customers. Did I mention there was free fairy floss at the opening weekend? I love fairy floss! The reason I go to the Easter Show is not for the rides, the showbags or the animals, it's for the fairy floss! Besides fairy floss, after the opening festivities you can get FREE nail art if you spend $50 in the Parramatta store. Or it's $25 if you don't qualify for the FREE mani.

Do you have a Gloss store near you? 
Have you shopped there before?

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  1. Thanks for providing the store locations Lilit and I'm glad to see there are a few stores in Vic! I'll remember to look out for Gloss next time I venture down to Chadstone - it looks fabulous!

    1. I think you will love Gloss! Nail polish galore in there! Plus everything else is nice and cheap so you won't feel guilty :)

  2. Woo free fairy floss haha :)
    Unfortunately, there isn't a Gloss in SA :(

    1. There are two Gloss stores in SA! One in Marion and the other in Elizabeth :) x

  3. Glad you love the new GLOSS store! I think GLOSS is a great store to try new looks without breaking the bank :)

  4. I love how cheap Gloss is! The closest gloss to me always has rude and obnoxious teenagers in it though, which kind of turns me off going inside. it's a bit of a shame.

    1. Oh that's a shame! I think because I mainly go there during a work day/lunch hour the teenagers are at school so I have the shop to myself! LOL

  5. I haven't but i would definitely love to now ...sounds totally fab :)



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