March 23, 2012

Still DIY-ing: Shoe Bling

I was so happy with my DIY Shoe Bling made out of a zipper that I decided to make a couple more shoe clips. I think they instantly take the shoes from boring to... well, less boring.

Here are the two sets of shoe clips that I made and it took less than an hour to make both sets. The zipper flower one on the left took about 40 minutes, and about 20 minutes for the bows.

Zipper flower shoe clip
To see my original zipper flower shoe clip tutorial click HERE.

Sparkly bow shoe clip

You need:
  • Bow hair clips 
  • Shoe clip findings (sold at large fabric/craft stores or on ebay)
  • Needle
  • Strong thread

To make
  • Simply remove the hair clip from the back of the bow (you might need to wiggle it a bit to loosen it) and sew on the shoe clip finding in it's place. Easy as that, no further instructions needed!
  • Clip them onto your shoe, wherever you like. Either the front, side, back, whatever suits your mood.

Have you done any DIY lately?


  1. I like the idea of shoe clips, as you don't actually alter the shoe, which means you can still wear them plain. I like the bows :)

  2. I haven´t done any DIYs lately, but I love yours. Your shoes look great with these.

  3. Love the idea of shoe clips, what a great day to mix up a look! These are amazing - good work!! xx

  4. :3 I love the little bow clips. 8D Like bow-ties for your feet!

  5. So simple and it makes SUCH a bit difference!

  6. You're so creative! They look great!
    I love adding bows to my boring flats :)

  7. I'm really loving your DIY posts Lilit!

  8. Hi Lilit!

    Just thought I'll pop by and let you know that I've tagged you in a post on my 11 Things About Me! And if you like, you can participate!

    Joline :)



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