March 11, 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Collection - Preview

One of the many many reasons that I like Illamasqua, both for their products and for what they stand for as a brand, is because they treat all makeup lovers the same. A very simple case in point. When they release a collection, they release them all on the same day all over the world. That's good news for us living in Australia who usually end up getting other brands' new collections last.

Human Fundamentalism is the new collection from Illamasqua, and it will be released globally and online on 15th March 2012.
“Human Fundamentalism is the unique spirit and fundamental human drive for individuality. It’s a belief, a movement and an emotion. A connection with the spirit of the age and its global motifs. You are your own human hybrid, a unique nomad of street cultures and global trends.” Alex Box, Illamasqua Creative Director

Here are some pictures of what will be included in the collection. I absolutely cannot wait for this release, and will be stalking their Sydney counter next weekend for sure with my shopping list in hand. The neutral palette has my name written all over it, as does the single eyeshadow in Burst. All pictures are courtesy of Illamasqua PR.
Eyeshadow Palettes - $78AUD each
  • Fundamental Palette (left): contains Hype (Bold Yellow), Inception (Rich Violet), Liquid Metal in Molten Pewter, Cream Pigment in Mint Green.
  • Neutral Palette (right): contains Stealth (Creamy Buttermilk), Wolf (Chocolate Brown), Vintage (Antiqued Gold), Obsidian (Rich Black).  

Powder Eye Shadows - $39.00 AUD each
  • Burst (Blue Green), 
  • Cancan (Lilac Purple)
  • Sex (Pure White)
  • Pivot (Yellow Green)

Lipsticks - $39AUD each
  • Apocalips - (Bright Teal)
  • Box - (Deep Scarlet Red)

Nail varnish - $34AUD each
  • Nomad - (Bright Jade)
  • Stance - (Bright Mauve)

What do you think of this collection? Will you be getting anything?


  1. I just love the Neutral Palette!

  2. neutral palette and box please!! I love the pictures for this release too, the faces and makeup is so gorgeous!

  3. That green lipstick should be interesting! Love the look of Wolf and Vintage in the Neutral palette.

  4. I like! They always have such great stuff!

  5. Oh my god....I...really want to try the teal lipstick.

  6. Such an amazing collection as always, the folks at Illamasqua are so creative! Wish I was brave enough to wear teal lipstick myself, but I'm definitely tempted to pick it up for my kit! x



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