July 04, 2011

Review: Models Prefer Mineral Eyeshadow and Liquid Eyeliner

The Models Prefer range had been around at Priceline for a while now, but I never really paid much attention to it as it was one of those brands that was always hidden away in some corner of the store, kind of like in a bargain-bin area. Also the few times I'd swatched some of their powder products the pigmentation was really weak with massive fallout.

That all changed about a month ago when I noticed that a whole stand of Models Prefer range had sneakily been put up at my local Pricelines (I live within 5 kms of 3 Priceline stores... house location chosen strategically). The prices were really reasonable, so I thought I'd give a couple of their products a try.

I bought a mineral eyeshadow duo ($12.99) and a black liquid eyeliner ($9.99). Pretty good so far.

Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Brown and Dirty 
Two things I normally dislike about mineral shadows... the messy powder versions, or the hard top that the pressed versions develop. I'm happy to say that this particular pressed version has not developed a hard top even after a month of use and swatching with my fingers. There seemed to be 8 or so different colour combinations available, all of them with a light and a dark colour that would go well together. I was a bit boring, and went with these browny shades, but there was a purple/pink combo that I have my eye on.

Pigmentation - 7/10
Lasting Power - 8/10
Packaging - 8/10
Value - 9/10

Liquid Eyeliner in Jet Black 
This is my favourite of the two purchases. I'm generally hopeless with liquid eyeliners, I just can't do a straight line so I end up having to smudge black eyeshadow over the top of it and pretend that the smudged effect is what I was going for all the time. This eyeliner comes with a hard tip, which doesn't go all bendy when you try to use it, and makes drawing straight lines a breeze. You can also do a fine line, or go a bit thicker just by pressing down the tip of the applicator when drawing.

I've used both products in the eye look above
Pigmentation - 9/10
Lasting Power - 9/10
Packaging - 9/10
Value - 10/10

Overall I'm quite happy with both my purchases, and won't hesitate getting something else from the range again.

Have you tried this range yet?

Disclaimer: Both products purchased with my own money, I'm not affiliated with this brand or with anyone that sells it. 


  1. I've been noticing the new models prefer stands but hadn't been game enough to try anything yet. I think I'm going to try the liquid eyeliner as I'm on the never ending search for one that I can use easily

  2. I had a look at their range and I agree that they're so reasonably priced. I had a look at their brushes and cheek products. Your review is making me want to check out their mineral eyeshadows!

  3. I've been looking for a new liquid eyeliner, think I might have to try this one out!

  4. I'm glad you liked the products, it makes me more willing to try their stuff in the future. I only have one product from them - a 9 shadow palette - and it's amazing! I haven't checked out the rest of the range though for whatever reason.

  5. If you find it hard to draw a straight line, Gel liners are great for that.. I use the Bobbi Brown one.. Only issue I have with it is that it's not as black as I like it to be.. And the fact that it doesn't come with a brush kinda sux too..

    But for a liquid liner, I use Illamasqua's precision ink in abyss.. It's amazing.. Glossy finish and long lasting.. The tip of it is exactly like the Models Prefer one ;)

  6. @Megan - the quality's definitely good, try them out. Their brushes also look pretty good, I'm keen to try them too.

    @PopBlush - I want to try their brushes next, hope they're good because they're really affordable.

    @Remi - well it's definitely a great price, and I was happy with it so why not!

    @SilhouetteScreams - I love when budget brands deliver, and this is definitely meeting my needs.

    @Delyteful Speaks - oh I've got gel liners too, still hopeless at it! It's probably my brush handling skills I reckon. LOL. Thanks for the tip re Abyss, must check it out.


  7. they look fab i think these are available in the UK but not yet tried them x

  8. I'd been eyeing off that purple/pink mineral eyeshadow too! But I picked up a couple of eyeshadow brushes instead, because I too was being sensible :x

  9. Yeah I've swatched those shadows they looks pretty good!

    I have a mascara from them that I've reviewed in the past that I really love! Although the packaging has changed so I am not sure if its the same formula of mascara as the one I got.

  10. Lilit, how good are the eyeshadows right? If I had room, I'd buy some, but alas, saving up space and money for HAWAII!!!

  11. Great review Lilit!!!

    I just had a swatch of their eyeshadows over lunch today and I was taken aback but how awesomely pigmented they are!!!!

    They have a massive section in the new Priceline in the City!

  12. Brown and Dirty looks gorgeous ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  13. i picked up a few of the brushes...seem pretty good so far..but will look out for these shadows now..great review:)

  14. @victoriagabrielle - I think these are an aussie brand unfortunately, and only available at that particular shop.

    @Mel - yep that pink/purple was gorgeous, my next stop is to get the brushes. they look great quality for the price.

    @Hannah - I haven't tried their mascara before, hopefully they haven'tchanged the fomula and it's still great.

    @the concealer - Hawaii???! Well you'd def be buying cheaper makeup there for sure!

    @Adeline - thanks babe, they surprised me too. I haven't seen their city stand yet, I need to check it out.

    @Christine - thanks hun

    @ Priyanka - thanks babe, let me know what the brushes are like as I really want to try them.


  15. Ooh, I've been eyeing those shadows for ages! Stupid eyeshadow ban. :/

  16. Gel liners are great! I love all the tips. Thanks for sharing this.
    Hostess torino

  17. I almost bought one of the eyeshadows and then thought "no" at the last second, I'm not sure I'll be so strong next time after reading this.



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