July 28, 2011

Nails by Flormar

You may remember my recent Flormar haul which included 3 new nailpolish purchases.

The lovely Vita from Making Up 4 My Age requested a swatch of Supermatte #111 (the dark brown one) first but over the course of last week I tried all 3 polishes, and here they are.

Colours are: Selection #10 (pale), Supershine #04 (Coral), Supermatte #111 (browny plum)

Selection #10
I really like the colour of this in the bottle, a lovely pale pinky peach, and to tell you the truth I was expecting a more cream finish. Instead it's frosted formula which is my least liked formulas for polishes. My nails aren't that smooth and buffed, so frosted polishes just look very streaky on my nails. In the picture below I'm wearing 3 coats of the polish and even though it looks quite opaque, you can see the streakiness on my ring finger.

Because I'm not a fan of the frost, I only left this on for one day before removing it so I can't comment on the lasting power, however even with the 3 coats this polish was dry within the hour which is great.

Supershine #04
Aah, this is a stunning colour that I do love. It's a beautiful bright coral with specks of gold in it... my camera wasn't able to capture the lovely gold flecks but trust me they're there! I got a great opaque coverage in 2 coats and this lasted me 3 days before I removed it to try the next colour.

Supermatte #111
When I bought this polish I didn't realise it was meant to be matte, but luckily for me this wasn't didn't have the supermatte look that I was dreading. It was more of a creamy look, with minimal shine. In the picture below I'm wearing a shiny top coat over it. The picture in the collage in the first pic is how it looks without the top coat. Only 2 coats are needed to get an opaque finish, but unfortunately after 2 days this chipped around the edges.

Overall I really like the creamy formulas, but not a fan of the frost one. These cost $5.99 each, which is very cheap by Australian makeup standards, and if I can brave the overwhelming choice of nailpolish colours again at Flormar, I will most likely get some more.

And don't forget, if you're in Sydney region I have a discount code that you can use to get 15% off Flormar until 31 July 2011. HERE is the post where I've got the code and details.

Have you tried Flormar polishes before? What do you think of these colours?


  1. The nude and the coral is definitely my kind of colour!
    As so jealous, I really want to try one of their lippies! Grrr :/

  2. I bought some of these in turkey for 40p each and they are actually brilliant!! xxx

  3. Thanks for the swatch Lilit :) Looks like the supermatte is more vinyl than matte - I'm loving the colour on you. The supershine coral will be great for spring/summer xoxo

  4. I am loving that coral! I'm not a fan of the frosty look either. It's too bad too because that is a gorgeous pink :)

  5. supershine 04 looks absolutely beautiful!

  6. I'm not a big fan of the first one, but the other two look amazing! I love coral polishes! :)

  7. I'm not a big fan of really shimmery/frosty formulas either. The coral looks gorgeous and the burgundy shade looks beautifully rich and creamy! x

  8. i loveee nail polish and that #04 is beautiful!!


  9. love the coral and the brown...gorgeous!!

  10. That coral one is absolute perfection!! <3

  11. Thanks for your comments lovelies... the coral is def my favourite too. The brown is lovely too, but I'm craving summer at the moment so brown is on the backburner for now :-).




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