July 06, 2011

Girl crush and B.F.F. Link Love

I admit, I have a major girl crush on Lindsay Price from Lipstick Jungle (a favourite series of mine which is sandly no more). I think she's absolutely stunning, super stylish, and has a beautiful smile that makes you want to be BFFs with her. When I grow up I want to look like Lindsay! Yes, I know... I'm a grown up already, and Lindsay is part Asian and I, well, am not. But whatever, I still want to look like her.

Here are some of my favourite looks of hers... I especially love the vintage inspired outfit with the red skirt. I L.O.V.E.
All images taken from Google Images

Who do you have a girl crush on?

Anyway... here's the B.F.F. Link Love for this fortnight.

OPI is Touring America and will be visiting the glamorous Femme de Circus! Want to know more about OPI's two latest collections? Tammerly gives you the latest at Pink Diva Beauty.

Annica from Haute and Stylish debunks 30 beauty myths.

Designer shoe label Bared have just opened their flagship store in Armadale and Melbgirl has the latest on Bared and their Shoe Amnesty promotion.

After a little hiatus, Monique from Mon-Amie is back from outer space... not without bringing a little back with her!

Adeline of Through Beauty Eyes reveals her Black to Brunette experience at Atlantis Hair using Original Mineral's 100% ammonia-free hair colour.

Emily's Anthology pits a lesser known, affordable primer against the famed Urban Decay Primer Potion. Can you guess which product won?

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  1. Lindsay is gorgeous...... Absolutely stunning! And so are you! ^_^

  2. I love Lindsay Price - I wish she was still on tv. Still, can't blame a girl for focusing on her new baby with Curtis Stone...

  3. Lindsay is gorgeous, i love lipstick jungle too :(

    My girl crush is Oliva Wilde she is just stunning! Also Shantel VanSanten she plays Quinn on one tree hill and yes I still watch one tree hill lol i love that show

  4. I was so sad when I found out there were only 2 seasons of Lipstick Jungle! Such a cute show and Lindsay's character was my fave :)

    <3 Sidd

  5. i loved her on lipstick jungle too!
    but i never saw her anywhere else other than lipstick jungle!:(

  6. Fab blogs as always! :) and I actually have no idea who she is haha

  7. i agree, she is super cute! and i always love her style :-)

  8. She is beautiful! I remember her from when she was on Beverly Hills 90210 about ten, fifteen years ago and she was already gorgeous then! My girl crush has to be beyonce. I, like you, would struggle to look like her but I'd love to!

  9. I never watched Lipstick Jungle but if I'd known she was in it I would have watched it ; w ; She really is beautiful! I have too many girl crushes to name. -w-; All of them? You? 8D?

  10. Thanks for your comments everyone, nice to see so many Lipstick Jungle lovers out there!

    @Eden-Avalon All I will say is, LOL :-)

  11. She's a babe.

    I LOVED that show! I was devo when they cancelled it. haha

  12. Yeah, she looks even better now than she did on 90210!!! Talk about getting better with age, she's gorgeous!! I have way too many girl crushes to count, Scarlet Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, just to name a few lol...



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