July 10, 2011

Guest Post - Lipstick Love of the Week by Revlon

We have a guest blogger for this week's Lipstick Love of the Week, it's Krystal from the Power Femme blog. So why a guest blogger? Because I generally only buy and then post about lipstick shades that I know will suit me and my skintone... so I thought it would be good to get Krystal to model some of her favourite lipsticks that suit her fair hair and skintone. Over to you Krystal. 


First off, I want to thank Lilit for asking me to contribute to her Lipstick Love of the Week series. I couldn’t say no to a chance to share my love for these two lipsticks!

I have been a bit obsessed with the orange trend this summer- orange nails, blush, clothing, accessories, you name it. But I was very hesitant at first to take a shot at orange lips. Will I look clownish? Will I look like a little kid who has eaten one too many creamsicles? As it turns out, orange lips can be quite flattering, and be worn bright and bold or more neutral and subtle depending on your mood.

When searching for a few budget friendly orange lipsticks to test the waters with, I found that Revlon definitely has the most impressive selection of orange and coral lipsticks at the drugstore (at least in the US). Two of my personal favorites, both from the Revlon Super Lustrous line, are Smoked Peach and Siren.

L/R: Siren, Smoked Peach

Smoked Peach is a matte peachy orange shade that I think is perfect for creating a wearable, subtle orange lip. Smoked Peach gets overshadowed a bit by other matte Revlon lipsticks, namely Pink Pout (which I also adore), but I think Smoked Peach is a really unique, notable lipstick.

Because it leans a bit peachy, this lipstick is a great first for those who are just trying out orange lips. Like many matte lipsticks, Smoked Peach is a tad bit drying over time, but not overwhelmingly so. The formula is quite opaque and I usually get about 3 hours of wear out of it.

Siren, on the other hand, is a bright orange. On me, it pulls a little bit red. Siren is a crème lipstick and wonderfully creamy and opaque.

I love to pair this bright lip with leopard print or neon pink. Go bold or go home, right? I don’t find Siren drying at all, and I get a good 4 or more hours of wear out of it.

The Revlon Super Lustrous range is available at stores like CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Wal-Mart. Depending on where I go, I find these for anywhere from $5 to $9 (US dollars). I have many lipsticks from this range, and am continually impressed by the quality and wide shade selection.


Thank you Krystal for your wonderful post! For more great posts from Krystal, don't forget to check out her blog. I hope everyone else enjoyed hearing from someone else for a change. 


  1. Lovely lipstick shades, I headed over to her blog to follow, thanks for sharing her post! :)

  2. FAIIIIIL. Urgh I just turned down siren at the drugstore because I couldn't get a good enough idea of what it looked like. Should have taken it while I could!

  3. I'm a fair toned gal and I love both these lippies! Smoked peach looks like a gorgeous spring shade. Great idea doing guest posts :)

  4. Both shades look gorgeous, will definitely be checking these out!

  5. Siren is such a great color on Krystal!

  6. thanks for your comments everyone, I hope you enjoyed this guest post from Krystal.


  7. 8D My WalMart finally had them back in stock and I bought both of these. I'll do my own review soon. SO SATISFIED.

  8. The smoked peach is darling! I have been looking for orange-y lipsticks to mix with my pinks. I think I might try this one even if I am goldish brown.



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