February 05, 2011

Review - Givenchy No Surgetics Lifting Mask

Image courtesy of kaboodle.com

You may remember that I received some lovely birthday gifts from Sandra of *Sternchenloves* blog. Among the gifts were some Givenchy face masks. I must admit I haven't tried any of the Givenchy skincare products before, and I don't think the brand is readily available in every department store in Sydney, i.e. I've only ever seen them at the city Myer store.

Before using any of them I googled to see how to use them,  i.e. are they wash-off ones or peel-off, etc. While googling I found out that the No Surgetics Lifting Mask is meant to have a draining effect which makes the skin feel firmer, giving you that face-lift look. It also has caffeine in it so it has a tightening effect.

Because of the crazy heat we've been having in Sydney I feel that my skin is suffering from water retention and feeling bloated, so I thought this was the perfect mask for me to try.

The mask is a light green colour which has a  lovely fresh smell, with a hint of cucumbers maybe?

It goes on the face fairly opaque and light green coloured, but after about 15 mins it turns a transparent metallic pink which is when you know you need to rinse it off.

While on the face it feels really cool. It definitely left my skin feeling really refreshed and smooth to touch, kind of velvety, but I can't say much about the lifting effect. I guess my skin is in pretty good condition and doesn't need any lifting (yet!), therefore I can't tell the difference there. Either way I really enjoyed using this mask.

I'm looking forward to using the other mask that Sandra sent, which is the Light Enhancing Black Mask, and as usual I will do a review of it here.

If you've used this mask before, or have used any Givenchy products do let me know!


  1. Hi Lilit,

    you´re absolutly right. You need no lifting skincare. ;)
    I like the masque. It smells so nice and I like the great feeling on my face after using.

    xoxo, Sandra

  2. Thanks Sandra, yes it definitely feels really nice afterwards, really smooth and refreshed sensation. Looking forward tto using the black one next weekend!


  3. Oooh, 'corrupt' is such a gorgeous bright pink! So I assume you liked the lipstick swatches at the store?
    And guess who got their first Inglot Palette? ME! I planned only to buy a 5 eyeshadow freedom palette, but ended up with the 10 eyeshadow palette! The colours were all so pretty I wanted to get them all! I'll probably end up getting another pallete soon. =D

  4. Im so glad I bought the palette. I'll defintely be doing swatches soon on my blog.

    I found though, that I need to use an eyeshadow base for the shadows to stick onto. do you find some of your shadows are really powdery?

  5. Yeah, 6 out of 10 of them are matte! I love my mattes haha. With a base, they're fine :)



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