February 04, 2011

NOTD - glittery nail combo

After sporting taupe nails for most of the working week I decided I needed something a bit blingier for the upcoming weekend. But feeling too lazy to remove my nailpolish and start again with something new, I decided to add some glittery polish on my existing polish instead.

Face of Australia Nail Polish in Foxy Roxy

I found a BYS glittery polish in my stash in Pink Glitter which I thought could look good on top of the taupe... and I think it does! It's definitely not over the top blingy, but then again it's not fully the weekend yet and I do still need to look reasonably "corporate" for work.

Taupe nails topped with Pink Glitter by BYS

What colour nails are you sporting today?


  1. I Love this combination! I do that sometimes when I can't be bothered to remove my polish.. I'll even put another colour over the top if it's opaque enough haha! So lazy but sooo easy :) xx

  2. Wow! An unlikely combo, but they really look nice together!

    Thanks for posting!


  3. Thanks for the comments :)

  4. Hi Lilit,

    the nailpolish looks so much better with the glittery topcoat. So pretty!




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