February 15, 2011

Challenge: Complete My Kit For Under $100

Clare from ClareBear has put out a challenge - to complete her friend Lucy's make-up kit for $100. Being a bargain makeup lover I thought... easy! I can do this.

When choosing the make-up colours I kept Lucy's colouring in mind as I wanted to make sure to choose things that would suit her. Lucy's photo is available on Clare's blog.

I also went for my two favourite budget brands which both happen to be Australian! These are all products that I have used in the past or are still using them (in fact my all time favourite blush is the Coral one below), so I didn't go for any cheapo option. I think budget makeup has come a long way in the last few years.

So here's what I've picked.


Australis Primer - $13.95
Australis Concealer - $9.95
Australis Cream to Powder Foundation - $14.50
BYS Blushes - 2 x $3.95
Total face - $46.30


BYS Eyeliner/ eyebrow pencil - 2 x $3.95
BYS Eyeshadows - 2 x $4.75 (I chose a warm and a cool palette)
Australis Mega Lash Mascara - $11.95
Total eye - $29.35


BYS Lipliners - 3 x $3.95 (I chose a variety of shades to match the lipsticks)
BYS Lipsticks - 3 x $3.95 (I chose a beige, a pink and a red lipstick as you need some variety)
Total lip - $23.70

Total Makeup Stash - $99.35

I could have gone even cheaper by reducing some of the items chosen, but I like to have variety in my make-up bag and I'm sure Lucy would like to as well!

Let me know what you think. Can you re-stock your entire makeup kit for less than $100?

* BYS is available at Gloss and KMart. Australis is available in Priceline and other department stores and chemists. All prices are in AUD. All pictures are from http://www.bys.com.au/ or http://www.australiscosmetics.com.au/


  1. That is amazing!!! And you came under $100. So impressed. I'm working mine out now and already I'm a little bit over, oops!

    Loving those palettes too - $5 a piece, that's so good!

  2. Thanks Clare!

    Yes I love those palettes, I've got a couple of them... a purply one and the cool toned smokey one. Great for travelling.

    Can't wait to see your lineup.

  3. Thats a fantastic effort - and it all looks so good and comprehensive. I've not tried the Australis Primer and would have been a bit skeptical about the quality but if you selected it then it must be okay ???
    Loving your blog. Would love you to teach me how to do your smokey eyes :)


  4. @Nicole - thanks!

    @Kath - glad you're liking the blog hun :)
    From the couple of times I've used the primer it seemed good, but I've given it to my mum now and she loves it. I just don't bother with a primer at all, don't see the need tell you the truth, and only included this in the lineup because the challenge called for it.


  5. OK this is weird - I commented yesterday and it didn't work!!

    This is AWESOME, thank you soooo much for taking the time to do this for me!! Now I am scared I will have to buy ALL of the products recommended for me.. ;-s

    I am craving macarons now too, just quietly.. ;)

  6. You're very welcome Lucy, I hope you end up with a pretty good stash and for a bargain too! If i had to pick just one item from my list of suggestions it would be the BYS Blush (colour's up to you) but their pigmentation is fabulous!

  7. Ooohh, Nice colour combinations.
    Ive never tried any BYS products but they seemed to have really nice shades!

    I know, I've been hauling quite abit too. I need to cut down! haha

  8. Dear Lovely Lilit and her blog reading friends,
    Just a quick note whilst on the topic of budget cosmetics...
    Target brochure arrived today (16/2) and there's some great cosmetics bargains on special this week, for example and in particular related to things mentioned in these blog pages:
    ** for those wanting to buy the Revlon Pink Pout (see earlier blog) plus another product - there's 50% off the second product
    ** $3 off Australis products - and considering their bargain price to begin with then they must be a steal.
    ** If you read Lilit's blogs on her favourite skincare items then a lot of them will be 25% off, eg Bio-Oil, Johnsons, Palmers

    plus general reductions in Maybelline, Max Factor, Chi Chi, Rimmel, Covergirl, etc etc.

    Happy Shopping

  9. Hi Kath, thanks for the heads up. A lot of my skincare items are starting to run low now so now's the time to stock up! As for makeup... I'm staying away from buying makeup for a while. :)




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