February 02, 2011

My Inglot Palettes (plus a sneaky MAC)

I'm a huge fan of the brand Inglot, especially their eyeshadows. They are so smooth, unbelievably pigmented and blend like a dream. I have two eyeshadow palettes that I custom created, which hold 5 eyeshadows each. For $45aud each I got the 5 eyeshadows plus the free palette with it.

The one on top is the new style of palette which comes with a magnetic frosted clear plastic lid.

A great thing about these palettes is that the pans are the same size as MAC eyeshadows,  so you can actually put your MAC eyeshadows in there and really customise it to suit your needs.

I ended up putting my Satin Taupe in one of the palettes as it's something I use a lot, and I usually pair it with some of the Inglot shades so it made sense to put them together.

Anyway enough of my rambling, here are the colours that I've got. As you can see they're mainly in the taupe/brown category, but while I like to experiment with colour these are the colours I use most. Oh and the colours don't have names, just numbers, which makes it somewhat hard to remember what you have but the pans all have the number stuck on the bottom.

Palette number 1

My camera washed out the colours a bit here, but you can see them really clearly in the swatch below.

And here they are swatched... see how pigmented they are!

Palette number 2

And swatched...

Have you tried Inglot before? What are some of your favourite colours? And do you mix and match your eyeshadows in your palettes or stay loyal to a brand, i.e. only mac in a mac palette, etc.

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

PS: I've got a new photo editing software so I'm loving the ability to put text in my pics, something I couldn't do before!


  1. ive never tried these before but they look great!

  2. I loove Inglot I should swatch my 10 pan tomorrow if I find the time, I'm a sucker for their bright colours, I want moooooreeeee

  3. I discovered Inglot a month ago- and fell in love! I was so impressed with the quality of their eyeshadows and gel liner. I love the whole pick-your-own palette thing too.

    Becca x

  4. Love these! I bought a 5 shadow palette on the weekend, but in the mirror compact (the new packaging is just so damn heavy).

    I adore Inglot, but they really should get off their arses and make up some names for their shadows

  5. Thanks Alex, this is a great brand, if you find it make sure you give it a try!

    Jade, yes please, do your swatches, I've never tried their brights (exept for a couple of purples) so i'd love to see what they look like swatched.

    Jen, yes names would be good! Also have you noticed they've closed a few of their stores? they used to have one at castle hill, parramatta, city, but all but the chatswood and bondi ones left. I hope it doesn't mean they'll be disappearing for good!

  6. @Becca, I haven't tried their eyeliner, so far only tried their eyeshadows and a lippy but i'm really happy with them. And in comparison to mac they're so cheap!

  7. Oh wow they colours look gorgeous! I have never tried Inglot, it is on my wishlist though. I have heard and seen so much about Inglot. They sound great. Great post.

  8. An Inglot palette is pretty much at the top of my 'want' list, this may push me over the edge! I hate brands that don't have names for their shades >< But I will forgive Inglot for having the ingenius Freedom system.

  9. Hi thx for ut very sweet comment :)

    I was wearing the sleek tinted moisturizer on my lips that day. Is sleek available in australia?

  10. @Dannii - if you get the chance do try it, you'll love it!

    @Emma - they're so reasonably priced too for the quality they are.

    @Tugba - sleek is not available here but we can get them from the net. It looked gorgeous on you!

  11. I know, it's a shame that I dont like the texture because I like the effect the gold bits give it =(

    Omg, did I tell you I went back on the last day of Amnesty and bought Illamasquas powder blush in "Nymph"? I wanted to get "Katie" but they all sold out.
    I just googled "obey" and its SOOO pretty! I wonder if its really pigmented?

    Nice Inglot swatches. Im thinking heading down there and customising my own palette. I heard is about $40 for 4 eyeshadows?

  12. $45 for the 5 is really affordable.. and your swatches are so pigmented.. so.. I think I'm going to get me an Inglot palette! hahaha.

    Oooh if you do get Obey, I can't wait to see the swatch! Check out Lipstick #414 on Inglot website, do you think its kinda similar to Obey?

  13. Hi Lilit,

    great palettes and that the MAC eyeshodows fits in that pans are perfect.

    I have never tried Inglot, because we have no shop here, but for next USA visit it´s on my list.


  14. Hey hun,
    Here is the link to #414, I hope its the shade you're looking for?


    Im actually really excited to get my first Inglot Palette!

  15. Linked to you and this post in my Follow Friday post, Love it!

    emma @ emmabovarybeauty


  16. I have never tried any Inglot products. But I have read many rave reviews on their eyeshadows. We have an Inglot store here in New York City where I live, and can you believe that I have never stepped in? I don't know what I am waiting for LOL!

  17. @Alina, what are you waiting for hun, they're great!

  18. What is the difference between 402 and Satin Taupe?

    1. 402 is slightly lighter and warmer toned than ST.

    2. One more 402P vs ST question :)
      Is one less shimmery than the other?

    3. Both have the same level of shimmer but because the 402 is lighter it comes across less shimmery on the lids. Hope that helps!



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