February 25, 2011

OPI Black Shatter NOTD

I'm not normally someone who paints any kinds of designs on her nails, but for some reason i've been loving the look that OPI Black Shatter gives even the plainest of nailpolishes.

So the other day I picked it up along with Not Like the Movies (a dark metallic silver grey with mauve-y undertones) and I'm loving it.

At first I was afraid, will it look trashy? will it make my nails look like it's got old polish on it that's chipped away? will it make my co-workers think I'm too weird? The answers to all are no (in my opinion anyway!).

For anyone that doesn't know, Black Shatter is opaque black polish that you paint over any dry nail polish and almost instantly it starts "shattering" away, leaving patterns of cracks on your nails. The thicker you paint on Shatter, the bigger the cracks. I had painted it super thick, hence the big 'cracks' on my nails.

I really like the look over Not Like the Movies, but in the weekend I'll be trying over other polishes to see if t
here are any other combinations I'd like.

Have you tried Shatter? Are you going to? Is it trashy or cool?


  1. I have't tried any of the shatter polishes yet, I think it would look good over my gosh holographic will need to get one soon x

  2. That looks really good Lilit! Good colour combination aswell :)

  3. Hi Lilit,

    I like the look of it and I think it looks cool and not trashy. I have seen the shatter nailpolishes in other colors ( Pink, green,...) and I think that is really nice for spring and summer.
    I definitely try that Look!


  4. Oh, and Not like the Movies are super pretty, that goes right to my checkout List for the Weekend!


  5. @Lori - this is my first shatter polish and I really like it!

    @PopBlush - thanks hun, this was the most "corporate" colour combo i could come up with so that i could still wear it to work! Lol

    @Sandra - I haven't seen the shatter in other colours here yet, but I'm sure they'll get here eventually. Looking forward to your review when you get shatter xx


  6. Totally off topic but am loving your blog - so glad I found it :)



  7. Thanks so much Miss A, loving your blog too :)


  8. So is this what you created ? b/c it looks really cool. I dont think i could ever do that.

    New follower!

    Follow me

  9. Ugh I've been dying to find it everywhere.. or at least somewhere around me and not through the net. Lol I wish sephora would carry it already !

    www.truthfullylies.blogspot.com !



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