September 17, 2014

Savvy Ultra Matte Lip Colours - worth every penny and then some!

I've been harping on about these Savvy Ultra Matte lip colours for quite a while now, so I thought it's about time I devoted a whole post to them. These are the cheaper alternative to Lime Crime Velveteens, so if you've always wanted to try the LC but not sure if you'd like it then give these a go. At around $7 each they won't break the bank.

I have two shades from the range, but I have my eye on a bright pink and a red as well. The colours I have are Icon (a bright purple) and Hollywood Baby (an almost neon milky coral). Icon actually applies and wears better than HB. HB it's quite streaky to apply, but once you get the application right it's a beautiful colour that won't budge. The photos below are all when I just applied them, they don't look so creamy in real life. Within a minute or so they dry to a completely matte and budge proof finish.
L/R: Icon, Hollywood Baby
This was just applied - it dries to a completely matte finish within 60 seconds. 

Wearing Savvy Icon

Anything else you need to know? These are drying on the lips, very drying, but that's what makes them budge proof. I absolutely love my ones,  but even I can't wear them everyday as they leave my lips too dry. However, that said, if I would definitely repurchase when I run out.

Do you like these types of lip products or do you prefer creamier ones?


  1. I'm assuming that you got these from Priceline as it's tagged in the labels? I'll have to get some and try them- they look absolutely stunning on you ! Xx

    1. Hi, I did get them from Priceline, i think they're exclusive to Priceline. So cheap and so good! Definitely worth trying :)

  2. wow!! these look great !!

  3. I love creamy lip formulas but these colours are really nice. Especially Icon.
    Renee x

  4. I love these, i wonder if Icon is a dupe for Lime crime Utopia velveteen?



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