September 29, 2014

Ben Nye Banana Powder review

I picked this up at Sydney IMATS a week ago. I'd heard a lot about it, like how this is Kim K's favourite powder for brightening the under eye area and yes, I had to have it. Along with oh maybe every other girl that was there. The salesperson was in fact trying to tell us all that the colour is not a suit-all shade, and that we should choose different shades to match our skin tone. Do you think we listened? No, it was the Banana Powder we wanted and the Banana Powder is what we got.

After using it a few times, here's what I think about it.
  • It's good, but it's not the bees knees. I don't think it's a must have.
  • The powder is very finely milled and applies really smoothly. I use my bdellium face brush in 974 to apply. 
  • The packaging is very fiddly, and boy is it messy to use!
  • I use it both to set my concealer, and also to set my foundation. 
  • This sets my foundation really nicely, takes away all shine without any cakiness, and makes it last all day.
  • Despite being so yellow in the container, once applied it blends onto my skin and does not give a yellow cast.
  • I like it, but I don't love it. If it wasn't so messy to use, I'd probably love it, but oh the mess... I can't deal.

Here's the powder in action. I do think it looks lovely on, but it doesn't give the brightening effect I was looking for.  I don't think this is the fault of the powder itself, I just think that the colour is perhaps too close to my own skin tone (NC25), so it acts like a translucent/setting powder instead of a brightening powder. Maybe it will look nicer on slightly darker skin tones.

Here's how it looks on Kim K. See, I think it probably looks nicer on darker skin tones. 

PS: In Australia you can get the Banana Powder from Scotty's Makeup for between $17 - $23 depending on size.

Have you tried this powder? What do you think of it?


  1. I've heard so much about this as well, though it doesn't really seem like a must have - I think it would be like most loose setting powders! Also the packaging does look so messy!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  2. heard a lot about this and I'm glad you have informed on how messy it is! I'm not a fan of messy products!

  3. I have this and I don't find it messy at all if you know how to get it out of the container. Tilt bottle to match up with lid and tap on bottle to get a little product out at a time, fussy but gets the right amount out with out being everywhere. Love how it sets, but I'm sure you can find a dupe or another face powder, it was a treat to get thought

  4. I purchased this powder off eBay with a few other Ben Nye products after reading all the reviews. I actually prefer the translucent powder.

    One way to make the container less messy is to put a bit of sticky tape over half of the sifter holes. That way less comes out. Alternately you can put the powder in an empty container of another powder you have used up which is what do :)

  5. I got this at IMATS too and I like it a lot. I agree the packaging is so messy x



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