June 29, 2012

Review: Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara

I'm a bit hit and miss when it comes to Bourjois. I want to love the brand, I really do. Their packaging is just adorable and oh so French. The colours look gorgeous. And the little pots of eyeshadows look like mini-macaroons good enough to eat! But it seems like the brand doesn't want to love me. For example none of their foundation shades match me. None I tell you. They all make me look ashen and grey. Or their eyeshadows. I love how cute the little pots are but for me they lack pigmentation. And the cost of the products are also at at a funny price point... is it a drugstore brand or a department store brand?

So why am I here reviewing a Bourjois product? Because I still have high hopes I'll find something from Bourjois that I will love, and also this was one of my prizes that I won at Tine's 5 year blog anniversary giveaway.

Bourjois Volume Glamour Ultra Curl Mascara in Black
bourjois volume glamour mascara ultra curl review

So, what do I think?

I'm actually pleasantly surprised.
  • The curved brush makes it very easy to apply mascara to the lashes, from root to tip. 
  • Unless you curl your lashes first, the curl given is minimal but on the plus side it holds the whole day.
  • Two coats is enough for naturally curled lashes, but if you're like me and decide to go a third coat it will clump. You have been warned. 
  • The mascara lasts the whole day without smudging and does not flake.
  • Doesn't give you "crunchy" lashes and washes off easily with just a regular cleanser. 
Wearing 2 coats of Bourjois Volume Glamour Mascara

Will this become my HG mascara? No. It doesn't give the intense volume and dramatic curl that it claims to give, and if you've been a regular reader of my blog you'll know I love lots of volume, lots and lots of volume! But overall it is a better than average mascara, especially if you're after something suitable for daytime.

Have you tried this mascara before?
What do you think of Bourjois?


  1. Thanks for the review, Lilit. I have wanted to pick up one of their mascaras because, like you, I love love love the concept and packaging at Bourjois!

    I must say though, I have been sampling the brand quite a bit for a few months and the big pluses have been the nail polishes (BRILLIANT formula that lasts for days without chipping), and the lipsticks. Very creamy, moisturising and long lasting. Cute packaging too :)


  2. Hmm... I don't know if I should try this for normal "work wear"... WHY IS LIFE SO HARD!?

  3. where can i get my hands on these products? i am curious to check out the brand!

  4. I haven´t tried this mascara before. YOur lashes look pretty with it, but yeah no extreme volume.

  5. I have this mascara and was disappointed with it, given its name. I also find it too wet, or perhaps its more that the stopper doesn't clean enough of the product off, so I find it makes my lashes stick together more than other mascaras. I would not purchase this mascara again. Great r/v though Lilit!

  6. It looks okay but i'm not a huge fan of this one either.



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