July 01, 2012

An army fit for winning a beauty war (Guest Post)

Today's guest post is by Candice from Your Review. She's a fellow Australian who spends her spare change on lipsticks and spends more time at Priceline than at home. Beauty is not her life, but it just makes life that little bit sweeter. She especially loves lip products and doesn't leave home without her trusty lip balms. 


I was inspired for this post when I was procrastinating studying for an exam on WW1 and somehow happened to find myself on the home page of Lilit’s blog. When I saw her notice about guest posting I dismissed it almost immediately and instead sifted through other posts on her blog. Meanwhile, I was also reading through my notes and somehow the two topics of beauty and war became mixed up in my head (don’t ask me how). I started thinking about the possibility of writing a post about the products I would select to have in my beauty army should I ever be part of a beauty war!

Once again I dismissed the idea, but then realised I was in fact dying to give it a shot (two puns in the same sentence there!) So, this is the beauty army I have developed, and If I do say so myself, I think they would have a pretty good chance at defeating the enemy.

To get into a beauty army, products would need to display several of these qualities:
  • Convenience
  • Simplicity
  • Multi-tasking ability
  • Quality
  • Price
  • ‘Wow’ factor

All together they must:
  • Work in unity to create one gorgeous look
  • Have variety amongst them

The products that I personally would select for my beauty army are as follows…

Lucas Paw Paw Ointment – For those who have used this product and are aware of the magical properties that it has, I’m sure you would agree with me that this product is fit for the army. It ticks the boxes in convenience, simplicity, multi-tasking ability and price.

Garnier BB cream – This is another multi-tasking, well priced product that is convenient and simple. Whilst it’s not heavy duty with extreme coverage, it takes the place of a foundation and does a pretty reasonable job. It’s not flashy and is a basic product but every army needs a stable and reliable foundation (pun there too!)

Body Shop Strawberry Born Lippy Lip balm – This little beauty had to make it in here because it smells great, looks great and moisturises (at least a little bit anyway…). I can’t resist putting it in my beauty army.

Essence Eye Souffle in Pas Des Copper – This one wins the price award, as well as the quality too. This is a beautiful cream shadow that not only applies wonderfully but stays put all day (I don’t even need to use a primer). In terms of winning a beauty war, this one shadow can basically create a whole look and would knock every other shadow out of the ballpark!

Covergirl Lashblast length waterproof mascara – This one can be swapped around a little as mascaras are one of those products that differ according to personal taste – but it’s that one product that can make you feel a million dollars. With a bit of lengthening properties (wow factor) and a waterproof aspect (convenience), this one earns a spot in the army.

So there you have it, my very own beauty army. I think they work together to make a reasonably (simple) but lovely look, and the variety between them is pretty good. I think they’d have a good chance of winning the beauty war.

Now if only I could pass that history exam with this beauty loot…

Thank you Candice!

If you'd like to read more from Candice including posts on fashion, jewellery and beauty don't forget to check out her blog, Your Review.

1 comment :

  1. love this post!
    such a great idea :D
    i really want to try the lengthening mascara from covergirl. i think that will be my next mascara. :D



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