July 05, 2012

Guest Post - Do you look better with makeup?

Today's post is from the gorgeous Rachel who blogs over at Makeup by Rachel.  She is 21 years old, married to her best friend, and a stay at home mom to her favorite little guy on the planet, 1 year old son Pinny. Her blog is where she lets her imagination take the best of her, and she does the most amazing FOTDs as well as dramatic makeup and picture tutorials.
Over to you Rachel!

I am a new subscriber of Makeup and Macaroons, and it has quickly become one of my absolute favorite beauty blogs. It’s because of blogs like this one that I was inspired to start my own makeup blog. I was very excited when I found out Lilit wanted some guests posts, and I was only too happy to respond. I hope you guys enjoy this!


Sometimes, I forget how much better I look with makeup. As a makeup artist, I obviously wear makeup quite often, and I just love how easy it is to look that much better! I always say, “Makeup enhances your natural beauty!”

People don’t know this about me, but I’m actually someone who doesn’t always wear makeup. In fact, I only wear makeup when I have to. If I’m having a day where the only place I’m going is to the park with my son, I’ll skip it completely. And even when I do wear makeup, it’s usually pretty basic. But even the basic makeup can make a huge difference.

So to show you the difference it makes, I applied makeup only on half of my face.

For the eye makeup, after priming my eyelids, I applied gold eye shadow on the entire lid. I then applied black eyeliner that went into the crease, and blended it out with some maroon eye shadow.

I applied foundation and used the same maroon eye shadow as blush. I finished off the look by applying a tinted lip gloss.

Here is my full face with only half of it made up:

I am all for going bare-faced, but there is quite a difference! Makeup makes your eyes look brighter, hides the bags under your eyes, defines your cheekbones, and gives you flawless skin.

What do you think? Is it worth the extra 10 minutes? I think so!


Thank you Rachel for your amazing post. To see more of Rachel's FOTDs and tutorials don't forget to check out her blog, Makeup by Rachel!


  1. Great guest post! I'm with you on this one - I actually don't wear makeup that often, especially if I'm busy with uni. BUT, as you said, it has the ability to make a huge difference. Love the side by side comparison :P xx

  2. Your skin looks PERFECT WITHOUT MAKEUP!

  3. :O The left side of your face looks FLAWLESS even without makeup!
    And I love your eye makeup :D
    You look gorgeous!

  4. Amazing post but you seriously look beautiful even without makeup. ^^

  5. you don't even need makeup honey! your no makeup half of the fact still looks lovely but i do agree makeup is worth the extra ten minutes! i rarely go out without a little bit of mascara and bronzer on :) xoxo

  6. your skin looks so flawless barefaced it almost looks photoshopped!

  7. You look amazing with or without makeup, my skin isn't flawless enough to get away with no makeup and I feel naked without at least some BB Cream and mascara.

  8. Thanks guys! But you should know that I chose a flawless skin day to do this post, so that it wouldn't be too embarrassing lol
    Thanks for the compliments!
    Makeup by Rachel

  9. I have to say I actually don't agree with this post; I wear makeup because it's fun, not because I look better with it on. I think I look great both with and without it! And, I think you also look great both with and without it!

  10. what a beautiful girl...WITH OR WITHOUT MAKEUP :)

  11. Love the makeup but you have a superb canvas to work on! But I know the feeling... I don't hate my looks but I just prefer to be made up!! You look a lot like Jessie J you know, and that's a compliment, she's gorgeous like you! (ps I love that eye look, might be stealing that ;))

  12. Makeup by Rachel is one of my favorite blogs ever!! I literally JUST was on her blog.

    Hey, I asked her this same question: Do you ever wear natural makeup? I got this stuff from my esthetician: http:// www.glymedplus. com/store/index/category/44/healthy-skin-makeup

    Don't know if you've heard of it. I like it, and I don't know if you could review it, but thanks for the Rachel post!

  13. Absolutely LOVED this guest post.



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