June 24, 2012

Parisa's top 5 MAC lipsticks (Guest Post)

Aaah a lipstick post. You know how much I love my lipsticks, and I also love finding out what others' favourite lipsticks are so this guest post from Parisa is right up my alley! Parisa is a 21 year old university student from the North-East of England. She blogs over at Addicted to a Life of Material and can also be found on Twitter (@Parisa909). Over to you Parisa!

Top 5 MAC Lipsticks
After watching the beautiful Zara’s video on her top 5 MAC lipsticks, it got me thinking which ones were my favourites. 99% of my lipstick collection is from MAC, I just adore the colour range, rich pigmentation and the staying power. It took me a while to whittle them down to just 5, but these are my top choices…

MAC Please Me
My ultimate pink lipstick! It’s so flattering on my lips, a matte cool-toned pink that applies so creamily and it’s just a pleasure to wear. It goes with every single make up look, I pair this with dramatic eye make up and my everyday neutral look. 

MAC Pink Nouveau
Gorgeous barbie-pink shade, again cool-toned and far brighter than Please Me. It really does make teeth look whiter and is wearable enough for the daytime. Such a fun lipstick shade, it suits so many skin-tones, it’s a long-loved favourite of Lady GaGa and Nicki Minaj, which proves my point!

MAC Vegas Volt
Beautiful shade of coral with a hint of orange, love the colour against my skin-tone. It’s the perfect complement to peach blush and bronzer, with brilliant pigmentation. I think this shade is definitely one to look at if you have tanned or dark skin. Even though it’s so bold, I still wear it during the day, especially during the rare spells of sunshine we get in England!

MAC Impassioned
My top choice for a night out, Impassioned is an intense bright pink with a fuchsia undertone. It’s so in-your-face and I have never seen a lipstick like it! It’s uber-pigmented and looks different on a majority of skin tones, I enjoy how loud it is, and how the hint of watermelon provides a great alternative to red lipstick, which I have a love/hate relationship with.

MAC Lady Danger
I know I just said I have a love/hate relationship with red lipstick, but on the occasions I feel like wearing it, it’s got to be Lady Danger! It’s a matte red with an orange undertone, it’s bright, and it’s so timeless and bold. I love how it makes my thin lips look bigger, without me having to resort to Juvederm yet! The finish of it means it lasts all day long, with bright colours I always take my time to apply lip balm (Burts Bees), clear lip-liner (Urban Decay Ozone) and then use a lip brush for precise definition.


Thank you Parisa for giving us an insight into your Top 5 MAC lippies. It's good to see two of my favourites, Impassioned and Pink Nouveau, have made it on her list too. 
So if you'd like to read more from Parisa head on over to her BLOG.


  1. Impassioned looks gorgeous! x

  2. Great post Parisa :) I think I NEED Lady Danger in my life, such a bold and vibrant shade! Not bad name either ;) x x

  3. Thank you all for your comments, and thank you Lilit once again for giving me this opportunity! xxx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. love vegas volt and impassioned !

    xx Liyana




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