August 09, 2011

What made it into my holiday makeup bag

Here are the lucky few makeup items that left the cold of Sydney and travelled with me to the warm Pacific Islands of Vanuatu.

I tried not to take too many things with me considering we were only there for 6 days, and even with this small(ish) collection there were still a few things that I didn't use at all. 

Face & Cheek Products

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation in 210: I usually use the Dream Smooth Mousse foundation but for this trip I took Fit Me with me as it's much more lightweight and natural looking. It provides light to medium coverage and doesn't go cakey in the heat. 

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 20 Sand: This is OK, it's not the best concealer out there. It's good for under the eye area if you don't have too many dark circles, but that's about it. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light Medium: This is my HG powder, it's perfect for blotting any shine without giving a powdery finish. 

Bourjois Chocolate Bronzing Powder in #52: Previously reviewed HERE. This is a wonderful matte bronzer which I took with me to contour with, but I only used it once as who could really be bothered with the whole contouring process on holidays? Not me!

NARS Blush and Bronzer Duo in Orgasm and Laguna: Previously reviewed HERE. This got a lot of wear. A light dusting of the bronzer made sure I didn't look too pale on the beach, and the blush gave a lovely glow to the cheeks. This is my holiday makeup bag essential.

MAC Cremeblend Blush in Something Special: Previously reviewed HERE. I used this mainly during daytime at the beach when I wanted to look like I had naturally peachy cheeks (of course!).

Eye Products

Urban Decay Naked Palette: Really, as if this wouldn't be making it into the bag. It's got the perfect combination of summery colours. Nothing more to be said. I wrote about it previously HERE.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume Mascara in Black: This is just the normal version, I'm not into waterproof mascaras as I don't like the crunchy feeling they give my lashes. It's one of my HG mascaras.

Chi Chi Eyeliner Pencil in Black: This is fairly long lasting and doesn't melt in the heat, which is why it made it into the bag... but I used it only once as black eyeliner just didn't look right at the beach.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black/Brown: This is pretty much all I use on my brows and I keep buying it over and over again. I like it because the colour matches my brows pretty well, and it's a fairly dry pencil so it doesn't melt in the heat.

Lip products
This is where I took a tad too many things with me, and didn't use them all.

MAC Lipglass in Ample Pink: this is pretty lovely, but felt too sticky in the heat so I never wore it.

Designer Brands Lipgloss in Cool Sangria: I used this pretty much every day, mainly because of the sweet raspberry smell... yummm. And it's fairly glossy without the stickiness.

OCC Liptar in Pageant: I love this colour, but besides wearing it once for dinner on our first night there I never wore it again. It was too OTT. Full swatches of this and my other OCCs HERE.

MAC Lipstick in Hue: didn't use it... during the day I used a gloss, and at night this colour was too light for me.

Rimmel Lipstick in Pink Blush: love this colour... didn't use it. Same reasons as above.

Inglot Lipstick in #104: I used this quite regularly in the evenings when going out for dinner. It's the perfect coral shade that's not as OTT as MAC Vegas Volt, and not as pale as MAC Everhip. Reviewed HERE

Rimmel Lipstick in Kiss Me: Come on, look at this bright in-your-face red. Do you think I wore it at all? Nope. Nothing against the colour, but this just didn't look right with the whole relaxed vibe of the place. HERE is a FOTD with this lipstick.

Hand & Nail Products 

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Handcream: this small sized tube is always in my bag for emergency dry hand rescues. It's super concentrated and a little goes a long way. Love it.

Bourjois Nailpolish in #15: I love this colour, and took it with me in case I got tired of wearing the OPI My Lifesaver (see THIS post), but I didn't end up needing this. HERE are swatches of this colour on my nails.

What are your holiday bag essentials?


  1. Hi you cheeky thing getting away with just taking those itemslol. Hope you had a well deserved holiday

  2. Hope you had a fab time. Vanuatu, I'm jealous!! I did the same as you, took way too many lipsticks!

  3. Im a 210 in FitMe too! 210 BUDDIES! I actually got on the computer to do MY travelling makeup bag, so apologies for accidentally copying :p

  4. Im the same- Im always good with the eyeshadows but overpack with lippy! Who can be bothered with high maintance on holidays and Vanuatu? wow!

  5. I kept my lipsticks in the fridge on holiday to stop them from melting, it actually worked! Think it's going to do it again when I go to Turkey as it's even hotter there :) xxx

  6. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?! No illamasqua?! I am shocked young lady! Simply Shocked! =P

    Something Special looks pretty but I went for illamasqua's Rude instead.. But prefer their formula..

    I recently got inglot lipstick in 106 and it's really pretty.. Very similar to Costa Chic which I've been wanting for a while..

    Have a safe trip hun! xoxo

  7. @Jo - yep, had a great time but as I said on twitter, caught a cold! At least i didn't catch it while there.

    @the makeup fairy - lipsticks are too easy to OD on, and the reality is you only use maybe a couple of them only.

    @Suzanne - hi 210 buddy! feel free to do your travel bag post, can't wait to see what's made it into your bag.

    @paintedinblack - at my last o'seas holiday i took 16 lipsticks with me! LOL. Only used two.

    @amy - yeah I imagine you'd need to keep them in the fridge, it would be hot in turkey at the moment.


  8. @delyteful speaks - already been on hols hun, this is what i took with me. and no, no illamasqua because I didn't want to accidentally lose my precious illamasquas in transit, or have it melt or anything, LOL. illamasquas stayed at home, where it was safe :-)


  9. I can narrow down my makeup well enough when I go away, but I cannot down size the brushes I take! I always overpack

  10. Ohhh when this page loaded and I saw all these wonnderful products staring at me I got a little excited!
    I don't think I could streamline my makeup down so much but you obvs survived!
    Do you use a primer under your makeup?

  11. I am totally lemming the chocolate bronzer ATM

  12. @Kelly - i took with me those little sponge tipped applicators for e/s and a blush brush. I didn't want to take my usual stash of brushes either!

    @Ella.WhyImBroke - Not only survived but still ended up not using a few of the items. And no, I don't use primer at all. I find it makes no difference for me.

    @LauraJean396 - it's so yummy smelling, makes me wants to eat chocolates!


  13. The OCC lip tar looks GORGEOUS! :) Looks like you brought a lot of great goodies, similar to what I'd bring.

    Hope you have fun!

  14. A reminder that I want the MAC mineralize skinfinish! :D

  15. I think you took a nice selection with you, it's always nice to have choice even if you don't use them. I just bought the Bourjois bronzer and am looking forward to trying it out=) That Nars duo is such a great idea, to have the two together like that is nice

  16. So jealous! Great choices for holiday makeup, the Naked palette is so good for covering all the bases too.

    xx Have FUN!!

  17. Great products, Lilit! I am LOVING the Maybelline Fit Me foundation!!!! :)

  18. I always bring way more makeup than I actually end up using on trips! Especially lip products.

  19. You're so cute Lilit! Love what you took!
    The thing I LOVE about beach holidays is you don't really have to worry about eye makeup- just put on a MASSIVE pair of sunnies, some blush and lip gloss and you're done!
    PS- I'm so stealing everything of yours at IMATS. Including your nails and flawless skin! HEHEHE!

  20. I always tend to over pack too when it comes to makeup. I underestimate the heat or think that I'll have this amazing set up with a great mirror I can sit in front of to do my makeup.

    Great picks though, total makeup pr0n ;]

  21. how do you find the Fit Me foundation? am curious to try it out.

    I always the lippy choices:)

  22. @Priyanka - it's not bad actually, though I doubt I'll repurchase as I much prefer the dream liquid mousse foundation. Fit Me is definitely much lighter than the liquid mousse, and doesn't last as long but I think it would be great in summer as it doesn't feel cakey on.




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