August 16, 2011

This week's INs and OUTs, BFF Link Love and the Winner of My Giveaway

Baked ricotta cheesecake. Lipsticks. Island holidays. Pink Flamingo nails by Barry M. Hot pink blazer. Snakeskin (faux) bags. Travel writing. Peachy cheeks. Finding great bargains at Apothica. Sparkly eyeshadows. Vietnamese rice paper rolls. Aussie springtime only 2 weeks awayDulce De Leche. Wet n Wild Silent Treatment paletteFuji apples.

Post holiday flu. Dark wintery colours. Nude lips. Long delivery times from overseas stores. Matte eyeshadows. Winter coats. Grey hairs. Not being able to say no office birthday cakes. Running out of makeup storage space. Carbs after 6pm. 

Here are some B.F.F. Link Loves for you to check out

    • Want to try a new makeup style? Pink Diva Beauty has a new section called Get The Look - check it out!
    • One of Dr. Naomi's patients wants rhinoplasty and Dr. Naomi wants your opinion on Beauty is the Promise of Happiness.
    • Thanks to Illamasqua, An Obsession With the Fabulous was invited backstage at MYER's S/11 fashion show...see what happens backstage.
    • Have you ever wanted to see what is in a Beauty Blogger's handbag? Emily's Anthology empties hers... and reveals oodles of beauty goodies!
    I'd also like to pass on a few quick thanks to Sandra from Sternchenslove and Sarah from The Science of Beauty for passing me some blog awards in the past. I keep thinking I've forgotten to thank someone, so apologies if I've forgotten your award. Feel free to link in the comments below!

    And now for the winner of my Flormar blush and bronzer giveaway which I picked using

    Congratulations Eden-Avalon from Sudo Beautify! I've sent you an email to get your mailing details. 
    Thank you to everyone else for entering my giveaway and for your ongoing support of my blog! 

    A bit of a random post from me today, a mixed bag really! Normal posting will resume tomorrow with an EOTD using a fabulous little budget palette. 

    What are some of your week's INs and OUTs?


    1. It freaks me out to see my friend's mum's book on an unrelated blog. In a good way. (:

    2. @Michelle - ha, are you serious? That's totally freaky! Small world :-)

    3. Lol @ office birthday cakes. I remember my office days...lots of bagels and cookies! I'm not looking forward to dark fall/winter shades, which is why I won't be wearing them!

    4. Hurrah for peachy cheeks! x

    5. In: WINNING 8D

      Also In: Cheescake, Lippies, Hot Pink Blazers, peachy Cheeks, Dulce De Leche, Wet n Wild Silent Treatment (haha I just bought it and have been using it all week!)

      Never say no to office birthday cake!

    6. -Eden!!!! So glad you won, congrats! :)

    7. Carbs are always out after 6pm , but somehow they always sneak their way back in..... Yikes!

    8. I am SO GLAD lipstick is back on the "IN" list... last month I was beside myself when you said it was out. I was thinking WHERE HAS MY LILIT GONE?!

    9. I LOVE |Vietnames summer rolls! SO tasty I got my fill when I was in Hong Kong =D

    10. Peach is back baby ;) I love these posts.



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