August 25, 2011

Loving the teal with MAC Colourization Double Feature 3

Lately I've been in a bit of a rut with my eyeshadow choices, going for neutral greys, taupes and browns. But when I saw swatches if this gorgeous duo from the MAC Colourization range I knew this was the perfect duo to take me out of my rut.
MAC Colourization Double Feature 3

Teal or turquoise eyeshadows aren't generally in my comfort zone, but seeing Karen's look using this duo convinced me to get it. The colour combination of matte teal and brown is just gorgeous, so if you're too scared of the teal colour on its own you can always ground it with some of the brown.

Thoughts on MAC Double Feature 3
  • Pigmentation of the teal side is quite strong, but the brown side required extra hard swatching to get it to work.
  • Ok, what's the deal with MAC not naming the colours here? They're usually good with coming up with names, but DF and a number? I don't get it. 
  • The colours aren't anything unique, and I'm pretty sure you can find them individually in the standard MAC collection, but I like the idea of having this duo together.
  • The eyeshadows are really long lasting... the photo below is taken at the end of the day after about 10 hours of wear and as you can see it still looks fresh.

For the look above I used my new Models Prefer Kohl Pencil in Matte Black ($8.99) and small eyeshadow brush ($9.99) which was included in my Models Prefer goody bag I mentioned in yesterday's post. The mascara I used is my standard HG, Covergirl Lash Blast volume.

I bought the MAC duo online from the Australian MAC website for $55... yes, I know it's less than half that price in the US stores but that's how much they cost in AU, and at this point in time imagine me doing the *hands-on-ears-la-la-la-can't-hear-you* move.

The Models Prefer range is available exclusively at Priceline stores.

Have you tried anything from the MAC Colourization range? What are some of your tricks to coming out of an eyeshadow rut?


  1. Turquoise or teal isn't my comfort zone either! But you make it look so good! Everytime I think THIS is your prettiest look, you prove me wrong! I Love LOOVEE how you play with colour and You'reee sooo prettyyyy!!!!:*:*:* OK, Now blush Lilit!:)

  2. Ik - as I already said on twitter, totally blushing! LOL

    Jenn - thanks hun.


  3. great color & MU :)


  4. Shame you had to pay so much. UGH! I love the way this looks on you, though!


    I inhaled very sharply when I read how much you paid for this.

    You're darn lucky to be so beautiful. How could I stay mad at youuuu~

  6. I saw the duo and thought to myself, love the teal but brown just isn't in my comfort zone! I wear tons of teal (though am going through a real gold fetish at the moment) but NEVER EVER wear brown. I have a total brown phobia - both in makeup and clothes. I think that I have never outgrown my childish poos are brown association! But you makeup has no hint if pooness at all!! Maybe it just might be time fir me to grow up now!

  7. Brown - Sugar - thank you, it's a great colour combo.

    VijiiS - In AU we're used to paying ridiculous amounts like this, and the US MAC website doesn't deliver to AU so we're stuck.

    Eden - That's how much it costs in AU, had no choice in the matter. But thanks for forgiving me! LOL

    Sarah - phew, glad there's no hint of pooness, I could bear walking around town with pooey eyes! LOL. Give brown a chance, not all shades are horrible... and yes, please do grow up, you are a mother now, can't remain a child forever.


  8. Really like the look you created with it. I think those double features were quite hit and miss though

  9. Love the look, super hot and the teal is going so perfectly with ur purple top n ur earrings are adding the extra oomph ... love love the eyes totally ..its an awesome combo!!

  10. Gorgeous Lilit. Yet again you stun me with how gorgeous you are xoxox love it!

  11. I LOVE THIS DUO!!! I saw it on makeupandbeautyblog and it was love at first sight. Looks amazing on you.

    LOL @ hands on ears 'la la la'



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