August 29, 2011

Revlon Top Speed Nailpolishes - swatches and review

Normally quick-dry nailpolish formulas seem to be fairly heavy and thick, to the point where they go gluggy after a few uses. Not so the Revlon Top Speed polishes. For a quick-dry formula they were actually quite runny, but not in an annoying way that you couldn't work with.

L/R: Electric, Royal, Jelly, Sheer Cotton, Chili. Back: Olga Berg Electric Blue Clutch.  

Today I'm going to show you 5 polishes which I was lucky enough to be sent as part of the September 30 days of Fashion and Beauty events that will be happening soon. There are free daily fashion and beauty events occuring all over Australia, so head on over to their website and start registering for ones near you.

You'll have to excuse the dry messy cuticles, the dry cold weather has been playing havoc wiht my hands!

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish - Electric
This is a gorgeous sunny bright yellow polish with slight sparkles throughout. I'm wearing two coats in the swatches above, and as you can see the coverage is very nice and opaque. This colour would look perfect on a sunny summer's day and if you're living in the Southern Hemisphere... hello summer! Ok, still/almost spring, but I can just feel the summer around the corner.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish - Royal
This was extremely hard to photograph, and my swatch and photo doesn't do it justice. In the pic above it looks quite like the tips are darker than the rest, but in real life that wasn't the case at all. In 2 coats I was able to get perfect coverage. My only concern with this colour is that it dried to a matte finish, but a topping of coat top fixed that. The colour is a deep royal blue, and it's stunning worn with jeans.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish - Jelly
This is my favourite of the lot, and it's a bright reddish pink. Two coats are enough for a perfect coverage. I've got this polish on right now, and even after 3 days it still looks freshly applied and shiny.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish - Sheer Cotton

I liked the colour of this one, but not the formulation. I'm wearing 3 coats in the pic above, and as you can see it's still streaky. Granted, it is meant to be a sheer colour, but 1 layer alone was too streaky and even 3 layers didn't get rid of the insconsisteny in coverage. Also I found the formula of this one a bit runnier than the others.

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish - Chili
This is another favourite of the lot. Chili red is the perfect description for it, it's vibrant warm toned red which is making me crave Mexican food right now with lots and lots of chilies.... yummm.  Two coats equals perfect glossy coverage that dries in less than 5 minutes.

Have you tried any of the Top Speed polishes yet? Which one is your favourite colour?

Note: All products shown were sent for review purposes. I do not get paid to write reviews and the opinions expressed here are my own. 


  1. I absolutely love Royal! Sounds like these top speed polishes actually do what they say - I've had problems with "quick" dry polishes not drying properly at all!

  2. I have Royal and Emerald. I put royal on 3hrs before I went to sleep and woke up to chipped nails! The colour is beautiful though!

  3. Love Royal and Sheer cotton!Thanks for the swatches seety!!I want them nowww!!hahaha


  4. My favorite are yellow and blue... They scream Summer!!!! Always enjoying checking out your blog... plenty to read about!

  5. Jelly and Chili both look like gorgeous shades! Really love the colour of Royal too. I haven't tried any Revlon polish for a little while, will have to check out some of the shades again. Thanks for the lovely swatches! x

  6. Jelly & Royal!!! Very pretty!

  7. I love Chili on you! :) You have lovely nails!!!

    I've tried a few Revlon polishes and they are nice.

  8. Hi there, I just came across your blog - so glad i found it! Its wonderful - Always great to read fellow Aussie bloggers! I absolutely adore electric! Fantastic colour for summer!

  9. Royal, Jelly and Chili are PREEETTTTYYYY. -w- It's Fall here, so now i'm tryiung to figure out what to do with all my super bold lippies. I refuse to store them away D< FIGHT THE POWER!

  10. Your nails are so perfect, Lilit! Can you do a post with your "Nail Routine" pleeeease?

    BTW- I'm wearing Buck, Sidecar and Darkhorse and bright pink lipstick in honour of you today :D It's my "Lilit Face"

  11. They are pretty good, but they chipped after 3 days!

  12. Love Royal and Sheer!!

    Vanesa x

  13. Thanks for your comments ladies!

    Emma - thanks for the follow, I hope you enjoy my blog.

    The Concealer - I only left mine on for a day each, so I removed them before the could chip. Except for Jelly, which lasted 4 days for me.

    Haute_style - I could do a nail routine post, but it would be boring as! I don't really do anything special, most days I forget to even put hand cream on (then pay for it with dry cuticles), but I'll see what I can do.


  14. Royal and Jelly call out to me.. gorgeous colors!!



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