August 20, 2011

NOTD - White Violet by FaceLove

For today's nails I've used one of my favourite nailpolishes from a Korean brand called FaceLove. I've seen this brand at a lot of Korean cosmetics / knick-knack stores, so hopefully you won't have trouble finding them.

And yes, the bottle IS shaped like a woman's torso! A woman wearing a corset that is.
White Violet byFaceLove

The colour is a lovely milky violet shade, called White Violet, that's really creamy and really long wearing. I get about 4 - 5 days wear from this before it starts to chip.

In these pics I've only used 2 coats, but in hindsight I probably should have gone with 3 coats as you can see slight streakiness on some of my fingers.

Have you tried Korean branded makeup and nailpolishes? What polish are you loving right now?


  1. WOW! What a gorgeous colour! The bottle is uber cute too!

    I seriously can't wait to meet you at ABBW! I'm so excited! I was talking about you with Mekelie from Illamasqua on Wednesday :D We're your little groupies!

  2. Gorgeous color and amazing packaging!~

  3. The bottle also looks like the skirt! 8D I like this shade...but didn't you do something similar recently?

  4. I;ve never seen this brand of polish before! It looks stunning!

  5. @Anni - Groupie, it's hilarious! Can't wait to meet you too, it's gonna be so good the ABBW! And Mikele is jsut fab, i'll be seeing him next weekend for a masterclass.

    @Yami - thanks hun, the packaging is just the cutest.

    @Eden -the one I posted a few weeks ago was similar, a little bit darker... and puhleese, a couple of shades difference makes a huge difference in a beauty blogger's eyes!

    @Kelly - I don't think they're widely available everywhere, usually just at Asian makeup stores.


  6. pretty color n super cute bottle

  7. Haha, I see these polishes all the time; there's a store that sells them next to my bus stop in the city. Being immature, the cap design always makes me laugh XD
    Still, it's a gorgeous colour :)

  8. wow, i adore the nail color! i've never tried any korean brands, not that i know of at least lol. i want to! ebayyyy

    Vonnie of

  9. I love facelove too! Great colour :)

  10. I love this color Lilit, it's so feminine and sublte :))

  11. Wow, never saw this brand before! The packaging totally rocks and the polish looks great! Want want want...

  12. That packaging is so cute. The colour reminds me of CG's Secret Peri-Wink-Le which is one of my all time favourite colours.



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