June 02, 2011

TAG: Winter Besties

The lovely Bethany from Obsessions to Live For tagged me to do this post. The tag was actually to do a Summer Besties post showcasing my summer must have makeup and accessories, but because Australia is heading into winter I will be showing my Winter Besties instead. Where I've previously reviewed the product, I have provided the name as a link to the previous post.

1. Lip Products
In winter I stop wearing my bright corally reds and out come the nudes, cool pinks and deep purples. The three that I'll have on constant rotation are M.A.C. Up the Amp, M.A.C. Cremecup and Illamasqua Corrupt. Jurlique Love Balm in Rose will keep my lips lovely and hydrated.

L/R - Mac Up the Amp, Mac Cremecup, Illamasqua Corrupt.
Back - Jurlique Love Balm Rose

2. Nails
Similar to lipsticks, in winter I tend to go for more purple toned colours. The ones I'm loving now are Jordana Silky Purple, Illamasqua Grab and OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not. Also I'm determined to get my cuticles healthier and less dry, so I've started using L'Occitane 95% pure shea butter with vineyard rose every day.

L/R - Jordana Silky Purple, Illamasqua Grab, OPI Louvre Me Louvre Me Not
Front - L'Occitane 95% Shea Butter
 3. Blush
Illamasqua Hussy is my favourite pink blush that's perfect for summer or winter. Because it's matte, the blush doesn't look too garish on gloomier days and the warm colour adds a healthy glow to a sallow winter complexion.

4. Liquid Face Product
Lately I've been using Maybelline Super Stay Makeup in Nude, which is a long lasting matte foundation. It's not perfect, it's not my HG, but it's doing its job in that it provides a flawless look that stays on all day. Plus in winter I prefer a more matte complexion,  so this works.

5. Powder Face Product
I love M.A.C. Mineralize Skinfinish Naturals powder to set my foundation. In summer I use Medium, in winter I go down a shade to Medium Light.

6. Self tanner/bronzer
I don't use a bronzer or a tanner in winter, but I still use my Benefit Hoola to contour and slim down my cheeks.

Top - Maybelline Superstay Foundation and Mac MSFN in Medium Light
Bottom Left - Benefit Hoola
Bottom Right - Illamasqua Hussy

7. Hair Product
Moroccan Oil hair treatment - this is a summer/winter must have for me. It keeps my hair hydrated and in top condition and you only need a tiny little bit. I've had my bottle for about 5 months now and it's still 3/4 full. This is great for taming winter frizzies.

8. Eye products
I've been using my M.A.C. Play it Cool palette (from Tartan Tale collection... still available on allcosmeticswholesale if anyone wants it) a lot as the cooler darker tones look perfect on dreary winter days. I'm also LOVING my cover Girl Lash Blast Volume Mascara. It gives me great volume without the clumpiness.

9. Fashion accessory
Scarves. I have many, but this one is a favourite which I bought from a little shop in Paris for around 5 euros. I love it as it goes with everything, and the snake print is something you don't see that often.

10. Item of clothing
My red leather biker jacket which I got from Melbourne shop Siricco 2 yrs ago. It travels everywhere with me, and is so warm as it keeps the wind out. Sydney doesn't get too freezing in winter (compared to say Europe) so I can get away with wearing this all through winter.

With  my husband on top of the Eiffel Tower wearing my favourite scarf and red leather jacket

What are your summer or winter favourites? Are any of my besties also on your favorites list?


  1. I love your scarf :D Definitely something that's unique, but goes with everything. I have a lot of plain scarves, but they get pretty boring.
    Great post ^^

  2. It looks like we have very similar taste! Love the colours u are wearing (lipstick and nail polish) and I have quite a few scarves that look a lot like urs! xx

  3. Ooo, love this!
    We are in Winter in South Africa as well, lucky us hey? :)

    Love your scarf and your leather jacket... Perfect combo!


  4. I've been loving below deck from CG on my nails this winter:)..nice favs

  5. @ :) thanks so much, I have lots of plain scarves too but end up reaching out for this one most of the time.

    @Msmadamemakeup - he he I'm probably a darker version of you then, we both love similar things.

    @Laiqah - I'm jealous that the rest of the world is heading into summer now and we have the cold and possibly rain to look forward to. I love how you wear your black leather jacket with maxi dresses, I'm gonna try that with my jacket.

    @Priyanka - below deck, I haven't tried or seen it actually, you'll have to do a post about it and show us.


  6. I always forget Australia's going into winter about now!

    Personally, I'm not a seasonal person. I do everything whenever I feel like it. xD

  7. Lilit, your red jacket is to DIE for. I love the color red and am so wishing I had this too


  8. Well, Morrocan Oil sure is on my wishlist!

  9. I keep forgetting about Hoola.. It's such a great bronzer for contouring but can easily look muddy if you're not careful with it..

    And of course.. Gotta love Hussy ;)

  10. Great post! Omg I have the same Jordana nail polish, and I love it as well :)

  11. love your snake skin scarf (and the rest of the goodies)!!! <--showing my russian side hahaha

  12. @Vijiis - I tried not to be seasonal as well, but my favourite corals and reds just look too garish in winter hence being "forced" to change it up a little.

    @Christina - it was actually my mum convincing me to buy the jacket, and now I can't live without it.

    @thehouseofy - it's the best, it feels so good on the hair and I really like the smell.

    @Delyteful Speaks - Hoola's in my everyday makeup bag , i.e. not stashed away in the bottom drawer somewhere and I use it all the time. I've never used it as a bronzer though, just for contouring.

    @Vintage Makeup - it's a nice colour isn't it, and surprisingly lasts well for a cheapie.

    @Maryam Maquillage - LOL we do love our animal prints!


  13. We've got similar Winter tastes! Purples, plums and greys with a matte base seems to be what I gravitate to when the weather is dreary. Great post. (:

  14. Thanks Michelle - I guess in this weather we can't really do bright colours, looks strange. But then again I love purples and plums all the time :)


  15. Nice picks! I love purple lipstick any time of year :) I need to check out Illamasqua Hussy, everybody seems to have it but me!

  16. that biker jacket is very cool. rock on girl ;)

  17. @SilhouetteScreams - you definitely should check out Hussy, it's the best pink I own.

    @Bini - thanks hun, it's one of those wardrobe staples for me now.


  18. nice products :) i loved the lipstick colors



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