June 14, 2011

Review - Illamasqua Foundations

Last week I gave a sneak peek at my new foundations that I bought from Illamasqua. I picked up Rich Liquid Foundation in RF233 and Powder Foundation in PF120 and I have been using them every day to work since I bought them.

Even though I had read mixed reviews about these foundations, I actually quite like them. They aren't my HG foundations, that title has been won by the cheapie Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse, but I still enjoy using them.

Here are some pics of how the Illamasquas look on my skin, with full review after the pics. (Warning... close up of my skin without any makeup below, I suggest you scroll down quickly so you miss the eeeky spots and redness)

My skin without make-up, spots and all. 

My skin with just the liquid foundation on, majority of spots are covered. 

My skin with the liquid foundation, and a dusting of the powder foundation... almost flawless skin
The liquid foundation (RF233) is slightly too dark for me and is more yellow toned. The powder foundation (PF120) is slightly too pink toned and light for me, but combined together they are perfect for my NC25 skintone. I actually don't mind the colour differences because I feel I can get more wear out of them, i.e. in summer I can set the liquid with a darker or translucent powder and the colour will be perfect, in winter I'll just layer PF120 over it and it will still be perfect.

The liquid foundation is quite thick, somewhat gel like in consistency, and you really need to moisturise your skin well otherwise it will be difficult to spread. Also if your skin is dry, this will accentuate dry bits so I can't stress enough how important it is to moisturise before wearing the liquid foundation. I use my fingers to apply the liquid foundation, because I feel the warmth of my fingers blends better than any brush can.

The powder on the other hand is extremely smooth and silky, it blends absolutely beautifully and feels weightless on. It feels very cooling on the skin as well, the only words that come to mind are liquid silk. You really need to try it to see how smooth it feels on.

The liquid foundation gives full matte coverage. You need just a tiny bit to cover your whole face. Apparently this is the most pigmented foundation in the general market, any more pigmentation and you're looking at theatrical makeup. The liquid covers all imperfections very well, and the powder just sets it all to cover any bits the liquid may have missed.

The liquid is the longest lasting foundation that I have ever used. I apply it in the morning, around 7am, and when I get home from work around 6pm my skin still looks flawless. I haven't used the powder on its own, so I can't say how well that would last, but powdered over the liquid it leaves my face smooth and matte all day long.

Both the liquid and the powder cost $55AUD, which is standard for a good quality foundation. Would I purchase again? The powder, a definite YES. The liquid, probably no, but only because I think this will last me a couple of years due to the small amount needed to get good coverage, and I think (ok, I know) in a few years time my attentions will probably go elsewhere... such is the life of a beauty blogger.

Faking flawless skin with my Illamasquas

Have you tired any of these products before? What are your HG foundations?


  1. Wow, the Rich Liquid foundation sounds really good. Long lasting? Mattifying? Oooh yes, please.

    I've actually got it at home somewhere (bought it a few weeks ago and forgot all about it!!) but haven't used it yet (err, I have way too many foundations).
    Thank you for reminding me and I shall look for it tonight :-)


  2. I love full cover foundations. My HG foundation is Estee Lauder Double wear. I have to try this one too now - sounds great!

  3. @Miss A - ha ha, don't you love when that happens? It's like buying something new again because you'd forgotten all about it originally :). I hope you like it, and I look forward to your review IF you decide to do one.

    @Dannii - oh this one is definitely full cover. I keep hearing good things about the estee Lauder one but I've yet to try it. Maybe next time I'm in the mood for foundation shopping I'll pay Estee Lauder a visit.


  4. The liquid foundation sounds and looks brilliant! I normally opt for full coverage foundations which will hold up on my oily skin so I'll definitely be checking it out. Thank you for the review! :) x

  5. That foundation makes your skin look perfect! :) Looks lovely hun

  6. You have great skin in the before and after! It's so smooth! What's your skincare routine?

  7. That was a GREAT play-by-play demonstrating the layering effect.
    I also need full coverage. When Illamasqua arrived in Seattle I ran to see them. I did not enjoy the samples - the colour choices and viscosity were horrendous. I assume this means they've improved in the past few years.
    If Inglot hasn't stolen my heart recently I might've given them another shot!

  8. I'll have to check out that combo next time I'm at a counter, as I'm NC20-25 too :D thanks for showing how the products layer!

  9. @Nat - it is a great foundation especially on oily skin as it's perfect at mattifying.

    @Vintage makeup - thanks hun, my secret weapon at flawless skin.

    @Red lips, Black hair - thanks so much, I do actually have some spots and crows feet and things but I'm generally happy with my skin. I have done a skincare routine post in the past but I might do it again as some things have changed. I just use simple and natural products, and definitely nothing expensive.

    @Ambassador - I'm glad you liked the demo. I had actually heard Illamasqua had issues when it was first launched, including with their formulations, but they must have improved it by the time they launched here a year ago as seriously I haven't come across a product I haven't loved.

    @SIlhouetteScreams - cool, check it out... I think a closer colour match is probably RF200 or RF215 but you can always play with diff colour combinations by layering a lighter powder on top.


  10. This foundation and powder combo looks great on you! I can't really see the heavy yellow tones coming through (maybe cos the flash was on?)- you're so insanely pretty, Lilit! Your husband must be so proud!

    My Light Liquid Foundation is really yellowy toned as well but when it's on my skin for a few minutes it changes and becomes more flattering... very weird!

    I'm going to have to try that Maybelline foundation now!

    Awesome post!

  11. your skin is great Lilit!!! I'd say you don't even need foundation :)))

  12. I've yet to try the Illamasqua foundations, though Iam reaaaaaallly excited about their new BB cream like foundation coming out soon! *eeep*



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